Monday, April 30, 2007

Heroes - Back To The Future

It's future time as we take a look 5 years into the future and see how life will be if the Heroes fail.

We're back to the future with Hiro running into Future Hiro, who explains that Hiro needs to kill Sylar. Head of Homeland Security, Matt captures Hiro while Ando and Future Hiro escape to go find Peter, a.k.a. Scarboy.

Ando and Hiro are at a strip club watching Jessica strip. Heh! Jessica talks to Peter and that is one rank scar he's got! Hiro better fix the past so my cutie can be cute again! Save the Cutie, Save the World!

President Nathan Petrelli wants to kill all the specials to save the rest of the people. Guess that means all the specials but Nathan of course.

Claire is waitress at the infamous Burnt Toast Diner and sporting brown hair. Daddy shows up and tells her to split town for her safety and leave her cute boyfriend. Hmm. I'd have to think twice about that decision myself.

Matt barges in on Future Hiro and captures him, but Scar Peter shows up, freezes time and teleports out with Ando and Future Hiro. COOL! You go scarred cutie!

Nathan talks to the freshly captured Claire and says that she's so important to him. And that's because Nathan is Sylar! Whoa! And Sylar slices and dices Claire.

Peter, Future Hiro and Ando go to rescue Hiro just as Mohinder is about to kill him with an injection, but he kills the Haitian instead and frees Hiro.

Nathan/Sylar gets word of it and flies in and confronts Peter. They do some nuclear fighting. They even have red and blue colors like in Star Wars!

Matt kills Future Hiro, but Hiro is able to teleport out with Ando just in time returning to current time. Now he's got the fun job of figuring out how to kill Sylar!

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