Sunday, April 01, 2007

Amazing Race - A Knight Of Laughter

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Crypt Keepers are gone. Let's see what other whiners we can get rid of!

Teams start off in Tanzania traveling to Poland to look for a dude dressed like the composer Chopin. There's a big gathering at the travel agency trying to get the best tickets. Dustin and Kandice get tickets, but everyone else is still trying.

Mirna says she's having a heart attack and needs medical attention. Of course she's joking, although I wouldn't be too against it!

The Guidos and Eric & Danielle are too late to make their connecting flight and cuss out the airport staff for not letting them on. Joe decides to go outside and start calling to the plane like he's trying to pick someone up in the club. I bet that pilot got out of there quick to avoid the crazy American.

Detour. Perfect angle or perfect pitch. In Poland Charla and Mirna ask the taxi driver if they like polish hot dogs and polish sausage. The driver looks pissed and I think he dropped them off at the wrong place on purpose. I like this driver!!

Blondes are able to tune the piano quickly and are the first to the pitstop. The blondes are workin' this leg!

Mirna tunes the piano like crap and tells the piano guy it's tuned. He plays it and hits a STANK note. Mirna says that it sounds perfect! She is truly on crack! And Charla is on Midget Crack!

Oswald and Danny break two piano strings and finally get it in tune. Then they hit on the piano guy and said they'd get his number if they weren't in a hurry. I'm sure the piano guy is just crushed.

This is the ONLY way that Charla and Mirna can get a man to let them touch him. Two dummies carrying another dummy.

Guido's are slow ass queens and come in last at the pitstop. But it's a non-elimination leg, so they're still in the race. Go AARP! Phil has to dodge getting kissed by both of them.

Teams are starting the next leg heading to Auschwicz concentration camps. Danielle yells at Eric because he won't let her buy coffee. He says he's over her. I think Eric misses Jeremy.

Intersection. Two teams must join together for the next task. Dustin and Kandice have to wait for another team to arrive before they continue.

Oswald & Danny and Uchenna & Joyce take the Fast Forward and all end up the first at the Pitstop.

The remaining teams have to either make polish sausage and eat it, or make bagels and take them to a bakery. The Guido's want to eat the sausage (Not a word from me!) but Danielle can't handle that big of sausage. That's only something that Eric is good at! So they choose to make bagels.

Everyone ends up doing the sausage. That sausage is bigger than Charla and she is last to finish it after puking all over the place. This is two legs in a row that she puked. SEXY!

Que the Mirna meltdown as she battles with a taxi driver then with Charla. She really sucks! Charla gives up and just tells her that yes, she is useless and tells Mirna to keep yelling at her.

Next detour is to dress as a knight and of course they choose Charla to do it, because she would be much funnier to look at in a knight outfit! Charla looks like an oompa loompa. Guidos say she looks like she;s dressed like a rat. HEH! The horse is a smart horse and knocks down Charla right on her face. I know this is wrong, but that was the BEST part of the episode!! Mirna tries to coax the horse with sausage. What, is she going to barf it up for the horse? Charla falls down on her face AGAIN! AHH! True comedy! Ok, I need a video of that! See below.

Guidos are second to last to the pitstop but because of their penalty, they are last to check in and are eliminated. See ya later dinosaurs!

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