Monday, October 29, 2007

Heroes - Attack of the Plotlines!

Heroes time. Will Peter finally leave dreary Cork, Ireland? Will My Two Daddies get killed off? Well, I can hope. We will see...

Bob decides to try an experimental vaccine on Monica to see if it "cures" her of her powers. Sound like she needs to go tag team wrestling on his butt and get out of there!

Bennet and the Haitian go to Ukraine to find out where Isaac's missing paintings are from mysterious Ukraine guy. To pursuade him, he has the Haitian start removing his favorite memories, one by one. Maybe he can help me forget some of these thousands of plotlines they got going on, cause I can't keep up with them! Bennet finds the paintings.

Sylar and the Wonder Twins continue their drive across the border. Sylar gets all flirty with Mya. She turns into Mascara Girl to kill the border patrol and Sylar too so they can get across the border. But Alejandro helps to revive Sylar. And Sylar is brain hungry!

Claire is turned down during cheerleader auditions, so her and West make bad cheerleader girl look like a drunk and get her kicked off the squad. That leaves a spot open for Claire. Score!

Bob lets Monica return to New Orleans safely and gives her an iPod with instructions on all kinds of defense moves and such so she can mimic them. He tells her to go kick some criminal butt in New Orleans.

I'm so sick of the Hiro plotline. Well, let's see. Hiro tries to help Kinsei save the old guy, but messes with the time continuum by telling the daughter that he loves her. But ol' Kinsei is working for the enemy and punches out Hiro. He turns the old dude and the daugher over to the enemy.

Niki show up and tells Mohinder that she's his new partner. Or is it Jessica?

Peter gets to Canada then quickly teleports to New York City in 2008 and is greeted by a deserted NYC. Seems there was an evacuation of the city for some reason.

I hope they wrap up some of these plots. My head is spinning!

Dancing With The Stars Week 6

It's Week 6. We FINALLY got rid of Mark Cuban last week. Who's next?

First up is Cheetah Girl Sabrina dancing the Foxtrot. Mark stumbled a bit there. But he's cute, so I forgive him! But girl was workin' it! Pretty good. Scores: 9, 8, 8.

Next up is Jennie Garth dancing the Mambo. She did good but was a bit sloppy and had some missteps in there. Of course the judges don't mention any of that. Scores: 9, 9, 9.

Next is Jane Seymour doing the Jive. She says she's going to stink the competition. Well, she came close to stinking. That was a boring Jive. She's got the elegant dance thing down, but I just can't buy her doing the Jive. Awkward! Scores: 8, 7, 7.

Now we got Cameron doing the Samba. That was rather good! Great job! Len and Bruno didn't think it was a good Samba. But Carrie Ann did. She was hypnotized by Cameron's was I! Scores: 9, 8, 8.

Dancing next is Scary Spice dancing the Rumba. Mel was smoking out there! Very HOT. Way to go girl! Scores: 10, 10, 10. Perfect score!

Up next is Marie trying to do another faint act. Of course, they show the faint again and again. We learn that Marie often forgets to breathe. Eh?! This week she's doing the Paso. Guess that means no fat smurf dress this time. Kinda a lackluster Paso. Did you notice Jonathan straining while trying to drag Marie across the floor? I would too! It was a stank Paso. Sorry Marie. And why is Len talking about cooking sausages?! ON CRACK! Judges didn't like it. Ok, maybe they are not on crack. Scores: 8, 8, 7.

Next is Helio Castroneves doing a Cha Cha. Helio was his usual cheesy self. A lot more exciting than last week. I liked it a lot and so did the judges. Scores: 9, 10, 9. OMG! Did Julianne just fart while talking to Samantha? Guess it's her, not Jane who wants to stink the competition!

Now we got the group Rock-n-Roll dance. They were some flippin' fools! And Marie didn't faint. Who knew?

Marie, you better watch out! You'll need some pity votes to save you. I told you that you should've fainted again. We'll see if she survives tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 5 Results

It's results night for Week 5. Will Mark Cuban finally go home? And will anyone faint tonight? If Mark stays it might just be me. I'll even borrow Marie's fat Smurf dress!

Judges pick who their favorite dance couple of the week is to do a repeat performance. They pick Scary Spice and Maks to do their Samba. I sure wish they would have picked Marie just for fun! Ha!

Performing tonight is Jennifer Lopez and a lot of smoke. The smoke looked real sexy. J Lo looked ok too.

The first couple in the bottom two is Mark and Kim. Well Duh!

The second couple in the bottom two is Jane and Tony. Aww. Looks like Marie got those pity votes!

And the couple going home is...wait for it...Mark and Kim. Well it's about time! Get your scar-covered butt outta here fool! Time to have a party in his honor (dishonor)!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Heroes - Talk About a Nightmare of a Dad!

Heroes time. Kristen Bell makes her appearance tonight. Let's see if she can knock some sense into Peter. Or at least knock his shirt off again. That'll do too!

Kristen Bell shows up in Ireland looking for Peter. And oh snap, she's got lightning bolt fingers!

Matt and Nathan go to see nightmare man, a.k.a. Matt's daddy. Why didn't they show Nathan flying? These people are boring when they don't show their powers. The scary "Nightmare Man" seems like a scatterbrained goofy man. Who knew. And it looks like he's been marked to be killed. Matt, you better have a quick reunion with daddy.

Monica's still doing her mimicing thing. She watches Micah play the piano, then plays the same song herself. I sure hope they show more interesting sides to her power.

Matt's dad seems to have powers to make others get lost in dreams or something. He traps Nathan and Matt in individual dreams. Matt in jail, and Nathan in NYC after a nuclear bomb exploded.

Micah explains to Monica that her power is just like someone from the 9th Wonders comic book and that she is a "copycat". Hmm. Thought they'd come up with a more exciting name for it.

Mohinder brings Molly to Gold-touch man with the Company. And boom, here comes Niki kicking some gold-touch butt! But Mohinder quickly tasers her.

Matt and Nathan fight their dreams, including Nathan battling disfigured Nathan. Ick! But Matt and Nathan are actually fighting each other. They finally wake up and realize it was just a dream.

Kristen Bell character kills the Irish guy while looking for Peter. Seems she's working for her father. But who's her father??

Kinda a slow episode. Let's hope next week picks up the action some.

Dancing With The Stars Week 5

It's Week 5. Lousy Floyd got the boot last week. Let's see if Mark Cuban FINALLY goes this week!

First up is Marie Osmond doing the Samba. OMG! What is that dress she's wearing? That has got to be the most unflattering dress ever made! She looked like a a fat smurf on crack! I couldn't even pay attention to her dancing. From what I did see, it was STANK! Bad bad bad!

Oh, then she faints. Sure, make me feel guilty for dissing her! Am I wrong that I replayed my DVR about 5 times watching her fall? Probably so. Scores: 7, 7, 7. And a "10" from me for going for the pity votes!

Next up is Jane Seymour dancing the Rumba. It was a very elegant performance. Pleasing as always. Judges liked it also. Scores: 8, 9, 9.

Next is Mark Cuban. Ugh. He's doing the Samba. They're dancing to the theme to I Dream of Jeannie. Well, I dream of no Mark on this show! His performance was boring. Nothing special at all. Judges are full of back-handed compliments. Can't they just say he's stank? That would be more to the point. Scores: 7, 7, 7.

Now we got Cheetah Girl Sabrina dancing the Rumba. Marc is extra HOT tonight and so are their dancing! Very good performance! She seemed out of sync a couple times, but I still loved it. Scores: 9, 9, 10.

Dancing next is Jennie Garth doing the Samba. Great job by both of them! This is the same style that Marie danced. What a difference between the two of them. (yeah, I'm still not cutting Marie any slack.) Judges had mixed reactions. Scores: 8, 9, 8.

Up next is Helio Castroneves dancing the Rumba. And Helio actually did the whole dance without a single smile. He stuck with the character well! It was pretty hot! Judges didn't seem to like it much. Scores: 8, 7, 8.

Next is Scary Spice Mel dancing the Samba. They're dancing to a Spice Girls song. Oi. She did a great job. Lots of action, and shall I say...spice. Scores: 10, 9, 10. Not too scary!

Now we got Cameron Mathison dancing the Rumba. He is assisted by his co-star on All My Children, Susan Lucci. Her face was looking extra stretched. Like the Joker.

Cameron seemed a bit off tonight. Looked like he almost dropped Edyta twice. But his booty did a great job! And other than those couple missteps (which the judges don't mention), it was a very good dance. Scores: 8, 9, 9.

The worst tonight are Marie and Mark. I actually thought Marie was a bit worse than Mark. Now that's saying something! But I still want Mark outta there! We'll see tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 4 Results

It's results night for Week 4. Will it be Mark or Floyd getting the boot. Let's see.

Judges pick who their favorite dance couple of the week is to do a repeat performance. They pick Cameron and Edyta to do their Paso. I guess Bruno wanted to see his booty in action again!

The performance tonight was a crazy, sexy, cool routine by Wade Robson. Giving the show a feeling of So You Think You Can Dance. It is freaky! Video is below.

The second guest performer is Wayne Newton?! Ugh. Just when I thought we got rid of him. The return of Melty! He's joined by Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke dancing.

The first couple in the bottom two is Floyd and Karina. Yeah, I figured as much. But that means Mark Cuban is staying. Stupid voters!

The second couple in the bottom two Scary and Maks. Why isn't this Mark Cuban! Grr.

And the couple going home is Floyd and Karina. Yeah, he was needing to get his butt outta there. Get on back to the boxing ring please!