Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol - The Gals

Ok, since I touched on the guys from American Idol from last night, thought I'd give the gals equal time. Tonight many of them were just ok, nothing too special. Some were stank! However, Jordin Sparks and Lakisha Jones both were stand outs, but it was by far Melinda Doolittle who shone tonight. She was flawless! I'd buy her album! Video is below.

Milo on Jimmy Kimmel

Milo Ventimiglia was on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night and was looking cute as usual. I like the way he talks about his Heroes character and how he can be invisible. Jimmy jokes that he could have walked into Kelly Ripa's (another guest that night) dressing room. Milo joked that he did. But insted of joking how he saw her naked or something, he says he saw her other dress choices and thought the one she wore was the best. HEH! Invisible in a girls dressing room, and he's checking out the dresses! You go girl!

American Idol - Mens Performances

I usually don't post about American Idol, even though I watch it regularly, but I thought I'd give a shout out to my current favorite male performances from Tuesday night. Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson. I thought they had the best performances and they are the cutest! How about that! Blake kinda reminds me of my Travis from So You Think You Can Dance, and Chris is going for that whole Justin Timberlake look. Go boys! I'm sure they will be safe for another week. Videos are below.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Von Smith on The View Today

Von Smith made another appearance on TV today. This time on The View. Of course he sang "the song". I sure wish they'd let him sing some other stuff. But I always enjoy hearing him singing, no matter what it is. Apparently, now he's going by Von Lee Smith. And poor kid has to put up with be molested by Rosie O'Donnell. The price you pay for fame! Video is below. Sing it you white boy DIVA!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Heroes - Horn Rimmed Flashbacks

Heroes tonight. Let's see what Ted and Matt do to Mr. Bennet. And will Mr. Muggles end up being another Hero? Well, ya never know.

Ted and Matt confront HRG. They demand to be made "normal" again. Matt finds out that Claire knows what daddy does. Ted is itching to start a flamin'.

Flashback 15 years with Mr. Bennet accepting a job from the owner of the paper company. He advised Bennet that his partner will be invisible Claude! Cool! This must be back before Claude's razor went invisible too.

Still flashing back, Bennet meets with Hiro's dad. He gives him Claire to raise and says if she develops powers, he will take her back. Interesting!

And check out little Hiro! Heh!

Bennet tries to convince Matt and Ted to go with him away from the house. But Ted says he'll stay with the family. Bennet says he will get a tranquilizer to knock out Ted and then call the Haitian.

Flashback: Bennet tells his boss that his wife is getting suspicious of things. Boss says he found a boy in Haiti that can make people forget things. Haitian! Little bite size Haitian, who appears to make Mrs. Bennet forget for the first of many times.

Flashback: Bennet is ordered to kill Claude for secretly hiding a "hero" from them. He follows through with that and shoots Claude three times. Claude goes invisible and falls off a bridge into the water.

Ted goes upstairs to look for Claire and sees no Claire. Claire sets free the tied up mom and brother. Ted comes back downstairs in time to grab Claire and burn her. Claire's mom watches in amazement when Claire's burn quickly heals. My friend Todd said that Ted reminds him of the Geico caveman from the TV commercial. Now that's all I think of everytime I see him!

Bennet returns with the proof of what he was doing and gives it to Ted. But now here comes paper company boss out of nowhere and shoots Ted. Oops. Ted gets ready to go boom. Everyone gets out of the house, but Claire stays to tranquilize Ted. Pretty cool! Check out video above.

HRG's boss suggests that Matt will be Bennet's new partner and asks him to bring in Claire to him.

Bennet decides the best way to protect Claire is to have the Haitian shoot him and take away his memories of where Claire is. And so he does. We'll have to see next week what becomes of him. And what's up with the supposedly dead Simone in the previews for next week saying "You wanna shoot me again?" Hmmm. We'll see next week.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Battlestar - Tyrol Goes All Norma Rae On Us!

Battlestar time. Last week, was kinda boring with that whole rescue the Chief drama. And looks like more Chief action this week.

Troops are in low morale. Some girl named Seelix is denied a promotion because she is needed on the flight deck. Lots of grumbling ensues. A ship has a malfunction and flies out of control right into Roslyn's ship.

The Union is grumpy about their bad working conditions. Union guy threatens to cause more glitches if their needs aren't met so Roslyn arrest him for extortion.

Baltar wrote a book of dissent that's been circulating. Roslyn does a strip search on him to get the pages he's writing.

Tyrol checks out the factory that makes the tylium and sees that they are sabotaging things until they get a break. He tells Adama and Roslyn that the people need better conditions in order to keep working. She says to hold a lottery to pick people throughout the fleet to work in the factory.

Some young boy is picked to work on the tylium but says he's not a farmer and shouldn't go. Tyrol makes him go.

Tyrol meets with Baltar to talk about his book. He gives some long speech basically saying "The man is keeping us down. Down with the man!" Tyrol seems to be agreeing with some of it.

Tyrol has had enough after the boy gets injured in the plant. He announces that they are on strike. You go Norma Rae!

Adama threatens to kill Tyrol's wife as a mutineer if he doesn't call off the strike. Tyrol blinks and agrees to call off the strike.

Roslyn asks Tyrol to be the spokesperson for the Union. He agrees and they discuss an agreement for the gripes.

The chick from the beginning of the episode, Seelix is promoted to pilot trainee, showing there's room for promotions afterall. And all is right in the world...until next week.

Amazing Race - Driving Miss Daisy (aka Drew)

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Last week John and Jill were eliminated, but nobody cared. Let's see who takes the lead this week and who makes fools of themselves (hicks?)

Teams start off in Ecuador. Drew needed oxygen because he's an out of shape oaf. Nice luck in the rest of the race flabby!

Team Guido take off exclaiming "Who said gay men can't drive!" First of all, who did say that? If that's the case, how did I get my drivers license. And what's up with the hat Bill is wearing? Someone needs to revoke his gay card for such a fashion faux pas.

And what's with this? The producers must be looking for the gayest moments and putting them on air.

Drew and Kevin get stuck in the mud like a couple of pigs. Kevin uses his muscles (fat?) to pull them out of the mud.

Kevin and Drew have a hissy fit about the hicks putting their luggage in first class. Who cares? They need to instead be concerned with how they will run through the airport without needing an oxygen tank.

The next task requires an eye for detail. They have to find letters that spell out their next destination. The blondes figure it out first. Who knew? The others take forever to figure it out. Eric looks like his brain is about to explode from this thing called thinking.

Commerical-- "Do you want to know what music gets David and Mary through the race?" HELL NO! Is this supposed to get people to want to text CBS to find out? According to the screenshot, are they saying the hicks love to groove to Chingy, Fall Out Boy, and the explicit version of Black Republican???" I'm sure their playlist is actually full of hillbilly groups and songs about moonshine. Stupid hicks!

Detour time. By Hand or By Machine. Charla is too short to put on the bolts and hangs from the wrench with her feet dangling. HEH! Although, watching her try to reach to drive the bulldozer would have been a hoot too.

Danny messed up his manicure. Oh snap! This could get ugly! And them talking about tightening nuts is too wrong. He says he must have been a man in a previous life. Gah.

What the "hick" is going on with Mirna and Charla? They are CRAZY! And Mirna's doing her ol' talking English but with a foreign accent again like that will help. See the crazy video above.

Oswald is crying over the lovely scenery. Sheesh. Can they be any more gay?

Rob and Amber get to the pitstop first, again. Ugh! And they do a happy dance that is just WRONG!

Everyone's passing Drew and Kevin because they are dumbasses and won't drive over 40 km/hr.

After all their whining, I actually wanted Kevin and Drew to be eliminated before the hicks. And that's saying something! And because of their stupidity, they are. Maybe they can go enjoy some whine and cheese. Later suckas!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Psych - Poker? I Barely Know Her!

Psych on tonight. Hilarious episode! Looks like Shawn and Gus are hired to find a man's missing son. HOT Shawn uses his abilities to figure out the son got involved in high stakes poker.

See video below of him revealing this to the father.

And below is a video of him chatting online with the son, arranging a meeting...with Felicia Fancybottom!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Kevin and Chad. Work it!

Last Sunday's Brothers & Sisters had cutie Chad trying to convince Kevin to stay together with him. Looks like it worked. See video below. HOT!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Heroes - Peter Gets His Groove On

Heroes tonight. Someone flies, someone dies. We'll see who.

Hana shows up with some hot online chat action with Ted Sprague. Hana is Chat Queen. She's got it out for HRG.

Speaking of HRG, he meets up with Isaac who tells him about Peter going boom in the near future. HRG gives him a gun in case Peter shows up, so he can "save the world". Better keep that gun away from Peter bitch!

Mohinder and Sylar visit Dale, super human hearing lady. She can hear Sylar's heartbeat racing and asks if he's nervous about something.

Claude is sparring with Peter trying to get him to call one of the powers he's absorbed. Turns out, he calls Sylar's power of telekinesis and repels Claude's stick away from him.

Claire's mom goes from crazy to normal to passed out. Girlfriend is a mess! She ends up in the hospital, where Claire calls out daddy for his mind erasing of mom. He says he just wants to protect his family.

Peter and Claude are attacked by HRG and Haitian man. They try to zap them unconscious. But Peter uses his Sylar powers to stop them.

He gets him and Claude to safety and it was COOL! Video is above.

Hope and the Gaming guy have it out over the stolen poker chips. Ando gets shot in the shoulder. Hope goes to kill Hiro but Hiro's powers return and he makes time go back so the gaming guy can capture her. Hiro's having second thoughts about getting Ando involved in his mission.

Sylar kills super-hearing woman and takes her powers. When him and Mohinder go back the next day to see Dale, they find the dead body. Sylar is having a hard time dealing with all the sounds he is hearing from his new power. Man, he's gotta crack up soon from all those powers.

Hiro tells Ando to go back home. He's going on alone. Oh, and Go Stan Lee! Creator of X-Men, Spiderman, etc. Making a cameo appearance.

Ted and Matt show up at HRG's house ready to kick some HRG butt! We'll see next week what they do.

Peter shows up at Isaac's place confronting him about bringing HRG to try to capture him. And it's "Wonder Twin Powers Activate"! Peter unleashes more Sylar powers on Isaac, then goes invisible when Isaac tries to shoot him. But silly Isaac ends up shooting Simone. Looks like she's the one who dies. Video above.