Sunday, February 18, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - Nothin Says Lovin Like Escaping Air!

Battlestar time. Last week, Helo was grumpy, Tigh was grumpy, oh heck, everyone was grumpy. Now that the crazy doc is gone, will they get back to some other stories?

It's Adama's anniversary and he's thinking back to his wife in flashbacks. You go crater man! You snagged you a hot blonde.

Cally and the Tyrol inspect a busted up airlock and get stuck in it due to a pressure leak. So we get to hear relationship whining and escaping gas. Now that makes for one sexy evening!

Adama and Roslin plan Baltar's trial. They want to use Apollo as a lawyer. Hell yeah! I'd like to debrief him...umm...on his trial notes. Heh!

Hot Dog has a rash on his hot dog. He must have slept with Starbuck.

The leak in the airlock gets worse. They have to attempt a rescue by opening the airlock. Get ready for Cally and Tyrol popsicles!

The hatch is blown and Cally and Tyrol are caught by the raptor.

Apollo and daddy think back to mom. Apollo called mom a crazy drunk. In that case, she would fit right in on the Galactica. I think it's a requirement to be a drunk if you are on the ship.

Adama tells Roslin to "Back off sexy bitch! I got a ship to run!"

He also leaves Apollo a box of law books in case he finds time to want to study them. You crazy coot, take those books back. I like Apollo sexy and dumb. Oh, and shirtless!

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