Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best of 2006 - My Fave TV Shows

Another year is over. Here on the eve of 2007, I'm presenting my Top 10 television shows of 2006. These are not all necessarily the most thought-provoking shows, but the ones that entertained me the most. Let's have at it.

10) How I Met Your Mother

This show was one of most consistently funny sitcoms this year. This is probably the closest we've come to recreating the magic of a great ensemble piece like Friends. Neil Patrick Harris steals every scene he's in. And who can forget Robin Sparkles and her hit Let's Go To The Mall. Awesome!

9) Psych

This is such a fun show. Always good for a laugh, and Jamey Roday is FINE! The characters of Shawn and Gus have great chemistry together. Shawn is a bit over the top and I love every minute of it!

8) Amazing Race

This is probably the best put together reality show out there, which explains why it has won so many Emmys over the years. This season gave us so many fools to make fun of (i.e. hicks, ditzy beauty queens, straight best friends who act way too gay.) And of course, my favorite team won. Go Team Drugs!

7) The Office

This sitcom continued to stand up well to it's British original. Sometimes it was a bit squeamish to watch Michael and his over the top shenanigans, but you still had to like him...or at least pity him. The addition of the Stamford branch was just what the show needed. More loonies!

6) Project Runway

You just gotta love this reality show. They never fail to come up with new interesting competitions which are ripe with drama. And how can you not love Tim Gunn and his snarky feedback he gives the designers. Fun!

5) Doctor Who

The new Doctor Who of the past two years has been such a great reinvention of a classic British SciFi staple. The new, current Doctor played by David Tennant took over the role of The Doctor without missing a beat. The great costars helped also. Rose was the heart of the show and her mother Jackie was always fun to watch. Great storylines this year made for a very enjoyable season.

4) Ugly Betty

Who doesn't love this show? It's so fun! America Ferrera as Betty, Vanessa L. Williams as Wilhemena were spot on and such fun. And another stellar supporting cast including the fabulous assistants Marc and Amanda, Betty's sister Hilda, and of course the ultra gay nephew of Betty, Justin. This made Thursdays such fun!

3) Battlestar Galactica

This show could easily be number 1 on my list and would deservedly earn it. It's probably one of the best written shows in quite a while. The emotion and acting are always spot on. Not to mention the special effects. And probably had the best mid-season cliffhanger of the year.

2) So You Think You Can Dance

Ok, so this isn't a thought-provoking excellently written show ya know, but when it came down to entertainment, this show dazzled every week. This year had the best contestants that you just couldn't wait to see what they would do next on the dance floor. Dancing With The Stars is a bit too stuffy for me. But SYTYCD covered all the styles of dance and left me with a smile on my face every episode. Benji (the winner) and Travis were so great. Travis should have won damnit! But that's another story. And they were great in person too! I can't wait for the next season!

1) Heroes

Wow! What can I say. This show is by far my number one choice. It's probably the only show in a long time that left my jaw dropping at the end of most of it's episodes. The characters and actors are great. It's the most addictive show of the season, and damnit, I want it back already! Even without Milo (swoon), it would be number one! Heh!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Doctor Who - Series 3 Premiere

I watched a "showing" of the Doctor Who series 3 premiere "Runaway Bride" yesterday. And it was awesome! This is old news by now to the Brit readers, but for those in the US, I'll try not to spoil too much. All I'll say is that seeing the TARDIS in a high speed chase (ala Speed) on the motorway was so cool! And what a deliciously campy and fabulous alien villian! Although she reminded me of the singing alien trio from the original Battlestar Galactica pilot in the 70's. I'm looking forward to series 3 being shown on SciFi channel here in the US. I miss my Rose!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Withdrawal!

No new Battlestar for a few more weeks. Gah! I'm in total withdrawal of my favorite shows! I sure hope the whole Starbuck and Apollo affair ends quick. To tie me over till January 21, here's one of my favorite scenes from Season 2 with Apollo...Dreamy!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Take a Ride on the Shortbus!

I saw the movie Shortbus a couple days ago. Yes, that's the movie with the "real sex scenes" that's been causing all kinds of controversy. Well, after watching it, I gotta say that I really liked the movie. Yes, it has "those" scenes in it, especially the opening scene, but they are presented in a way that really works with the story and shows sex as it really is (awkward and goofy at times), and helps you understand the characters better. The actual story is touching and makes you at times wish there was a Shortbus of your own so you could escape the craziness of everyday life, if only for a short time. For those who are more open to things, I strongly recommend seeing this in a theater (if you can find one) or when it's released on DVD next March. Their official website is at They also have an excellent soundtrack for the movie which you can get at or iTunes. One of the stars of the film, Jay Brannan has an acoustic song on there that is very good. I also really like the song "Boys of Melody". Sample them at iTunes. Here's some pics below:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

HOT Alert! New Milo Stuff!!

Milo Ventimiglia made an appearance on the Megan Mullally Show today looking extra HOT! Now regarding can someone with such a funny and over-the-top character like she was on Will & Grace be so BORING in real life! Ugh. But Milo was charming as usual.

Above is his reaction to Megan bringing up how he dressed up as Madonna as a kid. HEH! Go Diva! Below is a video of Megan asking Milo true or false questions.

Oh and below are two more pics from the Flaunt photoshoot that were at the Milo Ventimiglia fan forum.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Jonesing for the Eye

Last Battlestar of the year. Looks like everyone's heading for the planet looking for food and trouble I'm sure.

The fleet are on their 2nd week of collecting delicious algae for food. Ick! I think I'd prefer scrounging for crumbs!

Apollo and Starbuck are busy knockin boots and feeling guilty about cheating on their other halves. Seems Starbuck respects the sanctity of marriage. And apparently that respect includes throwing down with Apollo on a regular basis. Sounds about right to me.

Baltar wakes up alone FOR ONCE. Guess his harem is busy. He goes over to see baby Hera crying. Seems she's illin.

Chief keeps thinking he's hearing something. His spider senses are tingling. Either that or he's got jock itch. Turns out the mountains seem to be calling out to him. Ya know, like mountains do. He goes in a cave and finds some sacred temple. They think it's the location of the Eye of the Tiger...or..Jupiter, or something.

Cylons appear and want to talk to Adama. They want the Eye of Jupiter. If they get it, they'll let the fleet go...and throw in Baltar as a bonus. Hey, a sale on traitors, just in time for the shopping season! Adama, of course doesn't accept their offer.

Boomer makes an appearance and tells Athena that her daugher Hera is alive and that Roslyn has been lying to her about her baby, which of course she is.

Chief tells a story of being in his mother's sacred room dancing around naked holding porn magazines. That's just wrong!

Deanna tells the others that they secretly put cylon centurians on the planet to take the Eye by force and then plan to destroy Galactica to finally kill all humans. I bet Baltar is really hoping on being a cylon right about now!

Anders calls out Apollo on sleeping with his wife. He says it's not the first time she's cheated. Guess Starbuck's a ho!

Cylons shoot down Starbuck and her raptor. Anders disobeys Apollo and says he's going to rescue his wife and Apollo can shoot him if he wants.

The base star launches ships to the planet and Adama keeps his word and gives the order to launch nuclear missles to nuke the sacred cave.

TO BE CONTINUED...Guess we're waiting until January to see what happens. The horny cylons will have to hold out until then...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Heroes - Milo Ventimiglia is HOT!

Where have all my Heroes gone! No Heroes until Jan 22. Grrr! I will be in major withdrawals by then! To appease me during the winter break, below are pictures of cutie Milo Ventimiglia from the current issue of Flaunt magazine. Pardon me while I swoon! (Click on each picture to see them in their full size glory.)

And here's some older pictures...