Saturday, December 02, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Boxing Day

New episode of Battlestar tonight. Seems everyone's letting out their gripes through boxing. And something's up between Starbuck and Apollo. Guess they will tell that in flashbacks to New Caprica before the cylons showed up.

Hey Helo, stay away from Apollo's face!

Hot Dog takes on Starbuck, but gets his scrawny ass kicked up and down by her. And lesbians around the world rejoice.

Adama and Tyrol hit the ring and Adama is ready to do some serious ass whoopin'. Go grandpa! Seems back in New Caprica time, Adama let Tyrol and pregnant wife leave Galactica to go raise their family when he needed him on the ship. He regretted that.

In another flashback, Starbuck and Apollo discuss her settling down for civilian live with Anders, which, of course, quickly ends up in hot sex! They tell each other they love each other and are dumping their other halves for each other.

Apollo wakes up the next morning to learn Starbuck and Anders got married. heh. Must have been one bad lay!

Starbuck and Apollo hit the ring and about do each other in. They end up in an embrace. Aww. Anders splits, Dualla knows what's up, and Starbuck tells Apollo she missed him. Guess we'll have to see where that goes next episode. I'd prefer Starbuck and Apollo NOT being a couple, but we'll see.

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