Monday, July 31, 2006

Barratt Waugh

Thought I'd spout some praises for one of my favorite musical artists, Barratt Waugh. He's pretty much unknown in the US and is from the UK. I've been a fan of his for about 4 years now. He's had a couple moderately successful singles in the UK, but hasn't made the big break yet. He was discovered by former teen idol Cliff Richard. Barratt is known for his beautiful falsetto voice. His first album's songs were all in the falsetto, but he grew tired of that and his latest album, Much Love has a mix of regular voice and falsetto. He sure is purty as is his voice. I recommend checking him out. You can sample some of his songs on his MySpace page at I especially like the song Take A Turn. You can also read more about and purchase his CD Much Love on Amazon UK site by clicking the link below.

Barratt Waugh - Much Love

Here's some more pics of Barratt.

Footballin' Fun!

Footballer's Wive$ had it's season 4 finale last night on BBC America. Saucy! I love this show. It's so scandalous and fabulous. It's the Dynasty of this decade. In fact, Joan Collins joins the cast in it's current 5th season in the UK, but we're just on the 4th in the US. This finale was jam packed with drama. Let's see what all happened (SPOILERS abound for those who haven't seen it!)

This is Bruno and Lucy. Bruno's a violent and crazy control freak who tracks Lucy wherever she goes. Lucy made the mad dramatic escape from him and fled to her new man-friend for help. But the man-friend turns out to be a crazy nutter who makes Bruno seem nice and normal! Bruno tried to shoot the guy with a rifle but accidentally shoots one of his best mates on the team. The best part of this scene was seeing the crazy guy forcing Lucy to have a faux wedding ceremony with all of the wedding guests being cardboard cutouts of people with a picture of his face glued on all of them. Freaky!

Noah is a gay footballer who decided he didn't want to be gay and went to a group who would try to de-gayify himself. Yeah, that'll stick... So he's all engaged to the daugher of the head of the de-gayifying group (who is also an ex-gay) and is busy planning his wedding. But ol' Noah has a weak moment and decides to slip off to the gay baths for some cruzin, when who does he find there but his fiancee's father. You go girls!

Why hello cutie Seb and his father! Ol' Seb takes time out from looking dreamy so that he can get his psycho freak on! Seems Seb is sweet on his dad's new wife, gets her all drunk and takes advantage of her and tries to get more action out of her by threatening to tell Dad that they had sex if she don't put out. But Dad ain't havin that. He through the cutie out on the street. Hey Seb, I got a place for you to stay!

Amber is the wife of the captain of the team, Conrad. She's also on the board of directors of the team and is busy scheming to oust the chair of the board, Hazel, so she can take over the position. Hazel is just fabulous. Our girl Amber went to town to make her plans come true. This includes flirting, promising big donations, accusing Hazel of being a drunk and incompetent, oh and handing out blow jobs! But all backfires when Hazel resigns at the last minute and announces a replacement who is NOT Amber. They didn't say who the replacement is, but I believe it is the goddess of Footballer's Wives. One of the all-time most fabulous characters on TV...

Tanya Turner! All bow to Tanya! She's my role model. She married three different guys for money, then sees they make an untimely demise and leave her their money. Her and Amber have all out brawls that can top Krystle and Alexis from Dynasty. Ah, good times!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Allison and Travis - SYTYCD

Here's a video of Allison's final solo dance after being voted off. She get a little help from Travis. He's in tears the whole time. I'll admit it, I cry every time I watch this!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance Tour!

Woohoo!! The top 10 finalists of So You Think You Can Dance will be touring America, and they come to my town on October 15th. And it will be their finale show of the tour!! Boo Ya! Guess who will be there? You got it!! Oh, and hey final 5 guys, come see me at the local nightclub. I know you all want to! :)

You can see all of the cities where they will be performing at:

TRAVIS! Whoa, that was close!

Travis Wall survived elimination! Ryan and Allison are gone. I was on the edge of my seat. I can't believe Allison went home. That was scandalous! Ryan was needing to go. But Travvy is still here! Wheee!

Ok, so the Opening dance was to a song from the Chicago musical soundtrack. And one part Ivan was hitting on Travis of course! Who wouldn't!

Here's the final shot from the dance. Travvy ready to pounce!

The judges and audience loved his solo!

But didn't love his Quickstep. Aww.

Even Season 1 winner Nick Lazzarini loved him! Hey Nick, don't be greedy, share the love!

He better make it through next week. Ivan needs to be gone! GO TRAV! Make us proud!
Benji & Heidi - Broadway Dance

Here's Benji and Heidi's Broadway dance. He's so goofy!
Benji & Heidi - Club Mambo Dance

Here's Benji and Heidi's Mambo from last night's So You Think You Can Dance. Pretty awesome!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - Benji and Travis

Wow, what a great dance Benji and Heidi had tonight! And the crowd loved him too. I don't see how he can't make it to the final two. I voted a couple times for him.

My bendy Travvy didn't get good comments from the judges tonight, but they're in their usual drunken stupors anyway. I think he did good. And yes, I voted for him about 20 times. Come on Trav! Stay in there!

Here's Travis and Donyelle getting their mime on. The judges said it was lacking because it hid their faces. Hell yeah! Don't be hidin' Travvy's face you fool! It was a bit creepy.

Ryan and Ivan...boring...whateva! Oh, and there were some girls in there too. And their performances were...oh I'm bored...let's look at Travis again instead!!!!

Super Fly!

Finally saw Superman Returns. Loved it! Great special effects, great character plots. Lots of wigs, campy Parker Posey, and a bit of cannibalism. All essential elements of a good movie! And emo Superman. Who knew. Supes got all sensitive and Brandon Routh was dreamy!

Now I love Parker Posey as Kitty Kowalski, but I think she's wearing one of Lex Luthor's wigs in this pic. Control that mane girl!

James Marsden was his usual cute self. His character was pretty likable, but dude, you can't compete with Superman. Especially Super Emo-Man! Hasn't he been in like every comic-inspired movie this year?

Kevin Spacey was extra campy as Lex Luthor. But then you have to be to play that role. And I'm sure Kevin loved working with Brandon!

Even the ghost of Marlon Brando made a special guest star appearance. Although, he was probably just looking for the buffet table...

Monday, July 24, 2006


What's hot? I'll tell you what's hot. That would be James Roday from the TV show Psych. He's my new future ex-boyfriend. HOT! And his character on the show is just so darn loveable because of the way he plays the part. So who is this James Roday you ask? Well, after checking up on that, I found a list of impressive acting credits such as the Dukes of Hazzard Movie (?), Repli-Kate (??), and Beerfest (???). Ok, so he doesn't have a stunning acting history, but I'm sure he will after starring in his current series. Pardon me while I ogle...

Friday's at 10pm EST on USA Network. My work's done here...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

SYTYCD Opening Routine July 20

Here's the opening dance from last Thursday. It's zombie-riffic!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Battlestar, where are ye??

Why oh why do we have to wait until October for new episodes of Battlestar Galactica? They are such teases! Here's my wish list for the new season.

1) They finally locate the Battlestar Barber. What, does nobody shave anymore? Adama, lose the porn stache. Apollo, cut your hair!

2) More Xena!

3) Get off that damn planet!

4) Have a sexy, skimpy-dressed male cylon in Apollo's head who tells him what to do! HOT!

5) Oh hell, I'll settle for more Apollo-in-a-towel scenes!

Here's the season 3 preview!!

Benji's Solo

Here's Benji's solo dance. That is some serious spinning!

Friday, July 21, 2006


Travis's performance from So You Think You Can Dance. Awesome!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Queen Me Up Scotty!

One of my new favorite TV shows is not even on TV, it's on the Internet. Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Its a Star Trek inspired series made by fans. They don't take endorsements, donations, or anything. The production is funded entirely by the the people making it. It has suprisingly great digital effects during the space and ship scenes. The actors film it in front of a green screen so that the "Star Trekish" background can be inserted digitally. It works pretty well, only a small green glowing effect is noticed occasionally, but you get used to it. The acting is good, at least compared to the first season, which I watch when I'm drunk for a good laugh. The main difference in this production from the official Star Trek series and other fan series is that it has some characters who are gay! The storylines are handled very well. Two of the gay characters are below:

Adam Browne plays the trill Lt. Jorian Zen. He's a cutie and turning into a very good actor too. He also has directed some episodes and assists with the makeup and wardrobe.

J.T. Tepnapa plays Lt. Corey Aster. He also directs, produces, casts, and other functions on the show. Jaytee also runs his own production company, Blue Seraph ( They make gay-related short films that are very cute (as is he!) His latest, Begging For Change is making the run at film festivals across the country.

I encourage you to check them out. They are currently filming their last season now, but there's plenty of previous seasons to keep you busy watching.

Cuteness Role Call

Some new shows I've been watching. There's a theme here that you may notice...

Matt Dallas from Kyle XY. His character doesn't remember who he is and acks like a child. A CUTE child! He learned to masturbate in the last episode. Alright ABC Family channel. Do your part to educate the masses!

This is James Roday from Psych. His character has a photographic memory, but he pretends to be a psychic to pay the bills. I'd sure sure seek him out for his predictions. He's like Miss Cleo...but not so female..and not so black...and not so ugly. Hmm...he's nothing like Miss Cleo, forget that.

Tom Swire plays Seb on Footballers Wive$. This show is my big guilty pleasure! It's like a mix of Melrose Place and Dynasty. Over the top storylines as you would expect from a nighttime soap. And full of cute guys playing with balls!

And of course, from So You Think You Can Dance...


And Travis!

Oh, you watch TV shows for the insightful storylines? Bah! Whateva!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So You Think You Can Read!

Well latest obsession. Yes it's So You Think You Can Dance time. Cute dancers, drunk judges, you know the drill. Let's take a look at the Top 5 guys, shall we? Sorry ladies...

First is Dmitry. He seems to have a knack of showing his chest a lot. Hey, if you got it, sell it! He'll be gone by next week though. Enjoy the abs while you can...

Next is Benji. He seems like a lot of fun. My current favorite, but just barely. He's got that whole "nice religious boy" thing going on. Sorry love, I don't buy it. I'm sure he's a ho!

Then there's Ivan. I think he's really 12 or something. He tries hard, but the prize of the competition is to work for Celine Dion in Vegas. I don't see him on stage with her. She'd be all "Geet shaky legs off my stage, don't you realize I am Celine Dion?" Probably followed by a chest pound. Next...

G-G-G-GAY!! Ryan is more feminine than any of the girl dancers. And Celine will not have anyone on stage trying to out diva her! You'll be gone soon Ryan dear.

Then there's Travis. Me like Travis! He's bendy! He knows when to flirt, when to fake cry, and when to pose. Hmm, he just may be Celine Dion in man drag.

Honorable Mention Judges:

Mia. "Botox is my friend". Girlfriend is just plain scary.

Mary. "Someone refill my whiskey quick, I'm starting to make sense!" She's drunk, so I love her!

Nigel. It's good to see the Crypt Keeper got another job. That HBO money ran out long ago! Oh and Nigel, we know, you're the executive producer. Can you stop mentioning that every 10 minutes already!!

Now let me get back to my speed dialing votes for Benji and Travis. You go girls!