Tuesday, August 29, 2006

BB7: Birds And The Bees

I just found a video someone made from parts of the last food competition on Sunday's Big Brother. George dressed as a bee...um..cross pollenating?? And set to music. I about died laughing, especially when they sped up the video! It's on a TVGasm.com page which you can get to by clicking the link below:

The Bumbling Bee

BB7: Beware, Drunk Girl Walking!

OMG! Awesome Big Brother episode tonight! It was unbelievable. Will talked Erika into nominating Danielle to replace Janelle (who won POV)!! Wow! I don't think there's anything the good doctor couldn't talk someone into doing. But the best moment of the episode was when Drunk Danielle went ballistic after hearing she would be nominated. Girlfriend just lost it! Cussed out Erika, then went upstairs to do some more cussing but everyone in the HOH room hid and stayed quiet while Danielle rang the doorbell for 15 mintes! Poor thing went psycho! Hee!

Here's a clip of Danielle going ballistic on Erika

Here's Danielle ringing and ringing and ringing the HOH doorbell. HEH!

As Sweetgirlfl posted on YouTube, "Priceless!! Maybe now Danielle will know how it feels to be back-doored by a friend. As Danielle said when she back-doored her friend Kaysar "it's just a game". Well, all i can say is karma is a bitch!!"

Danielle may try to push Will out the BB door, but no such luck. My boy is in for the long haul! So it seems like Danielle will go Thursday, but it's supposed to be a suprise double eviction. Who will the other evictee be?? (Hello Chicken George) Just as long a Will stays. Otherwise, the show will be one snoozer for the rest of the season. What would be the point in watching then?

Hang in there Will!

Star Trek - Hidden Frontier

The new episode of Star Trek - Hidden Frontier (Season 7, Episode 4) is now available on their webpage http://www.hiddenfrontier.org

This Star Trek series made entirely by fans on an extremely small budget does a great job in bringing Star Trek to the masses during this time where there's no offical new Star Trek shows on TV. The new episode is not quite as good as previous ones, but it's a nice filler for the following episodes leading up to the series finale. You can download each episode from the current Season 7 Here

I recommend starting with the beginning of the season, or better yet, check out seasons 5 and 6 too. They are all good!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Hot Camera Lovin!

If it wasn't for Will, I would be so bored with this season's Big Brother. The boy is absolutely crazy. I love it! And his "strategic flirting" with Janelle? Now I love Janelle, but she's a Ho! Poor Will, taking one for the team. Here he is giving sweet lovin' to the camera. I love it!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Psych'd Out!

Those sneaky bitches! One of my favorite new shows, Psych is not going to have any more new episodes until next January. Hmf! How am I supposed to get my weekly James Roday fix damnit!

This has got to be one of the best new series I've seen in a while. It's a hoot! Oh, I read he's in the new movie Beerfest. Um...I think I can wait until January to see him... Till then, here's a clip of cutie James in the Psych Spelling Bee episode to tie me over...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Superheroes on CRACK!

I thought I'd check in with Who Wants to Be a Superhero to see if it's still as looney as last time. Well, it sure is! And after reading this review, I think the producers of this show are on crack! Our superheroes have battled attack dogs, made dangerous rooftop rescues. So what's up next for them? The dangerous and courageous task of...umm...fighting germs!

Ok, the toilet's clean, what's up next and will it be as challenging? Well, it's going to a class of 10 year olds. Ick! That's a scary one! The three superheroes have to speak to the class and explain why they are the best superhero.

Feedback tells how he got his powers from playing video games. Hmm. There's a good lesson for the kids. Play more video games, become a superhero. Oh, and one kid asks what his favorite video game is and he answers, Pong! Yeah, that's right, PONG! Idiot!

Fat Momma starts off with a stupid rap. Come on, sing along, "Fat Momma, Fat Momma, I'm here to save the day. Fat Momma, Fat Momma, I'll take your food away. So don't eat those chips and ice cream now, cause I'll take them from you so you don't look like a cow!" Whoa! I feel a Grammy in her future!

Major Victory speaks next. He shows his ability to manipulate sound by singing and hitting a BAD note. Hey, that means Britney Spears must also be a superhero.

The kids vote and select Fat Momma as their favorite. Of course they did! Those poor kids were scared to death she'd take away their lunches! The losers have to write "I will not pretend to be a superhero." 100 times on the chalkboard.

Are you still following this? I think I got lost (or bored) two paragraphs ago.

Let's see, next challenge has the three superheroes having to find the arch villian Dark Enforcer somewhere in Universal Studios Themepark in Hollywood.

Look for a woman with a tattoo on her leg with lotion in her hand and basically look up her dress to read a note on her leg. The note says to look for a guy who's over 200 pounds and rub lotion on his belly.

Fat Momma is too busy bumming free french fries from people and getting a massage to look for clues.

Major Victory finds the lady with the lotion and then finds the fat guy and rubs on the lotion. It reveals a message that says to look for a lady with a big purse and look in it for money and count it. It then tells him to run to the big Universal Globe. He does and is first done. Feedback is next to finish the exciting tasks. Meanwhile, Fat Momma is still bumming food off people. She finally finishes in third place.

OK, I gotta take a time out from this madness to ask if I'm the only one creeped out by the Fudgem character from the new Dominos commercial? You will NOT catch me ordering that crap!

Ok, back to the show and it seems Fat Momma wants to leave the show. Perhaps because she's making a fool out of herself in that Donut costume? No, it's because she doesn't want the other two contestants to get hurt if they are eliminated. Sheesh!! I hope Fat Momma never goes on Big Brother! She wouldn't last 5 minutes! The others convice her to stay and say how they will always love each other. Yeah right. Fat Momma won't want those goofy crackers anywhere near her after the show.

It's elimination time. And it's Major Victory going home. Seems he was too busy worrying about his hair and didn't explain his history to the kids. I gotta disagree. I girl's gotta make sure her hair is kickin' before anything else! Well, it's down to Fat Momma and Feedback. And I guess I care...don't I? Oh heck. Where's the remote...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Oh Brother!

Big Brother this season is turning into the Will Show. They might as well just give him the prize. He sure knows how to work these people. My girl Janey did her drama crying act, which of course was just an act. My favorite part of it was when she was in mid cry session and had to go with the others to see the HOH room. They ask if she thinks she can come with them. She sobs "Bring me my Chanel sunglasses and I can". DIVA! And how I loved the brawl with James over the doll during the veto challenge! James says "I am harmed!" and called her a cheater. ugh. She should have elbowed him in the stomach too! I love Will's response to the supposed "cheating" incident. He said "To me it looked like James got his butt kicked"

Now I am not too sure on Will's plan of keeping Janelle around to be the "big target" in the house. I think they slightly underestimate her. If she wins HOH, I can see her putting him and Mike up and using her new pawn Chicken George to support her. But we'll see.

Hello Will's chest! Oh, and nice lipo marks!

Monday, August 21, 2006

To Boldly Roast...

The William Shatner Roast was on Comedy Central last night. Talk about a bunch of crazy fools! It was a hoot! A chance to talk trash about William Shatner. You know people were lining up for that. First in line I'm sure was George Takei. He's been doing some serious Shatner hatin' for a while. Let's look at some of the roasters:

George Takei (Sulu). You know he's been waiting 30 years for the chance to read Shatner. Even though the roasting is supposedly done in jest, you can tell he meant every word he said! He covered all grounds too. "My name is George Takei. That's pronounced Ta-Kay, not Ta-Kie, like you've been saying for 30 years!" "Takei, as in Toupee". "Bill is a very giving person. He gave Nichelle Nichols herpes." "Speaking of fat alcoholics, hello Bill". "And your acting...if I could only get my partner to suck that hard, I'd never leave my chateau." LOVES IT!

My girl Betty White knows how to throw shade! Let's look at her comments... "You were supposed to explore the galaxy, not fill it" You know, they make 1% milk now.." "Don't try to laugh Bill. We don't want to lose our cleaning deposit on that chair"

Then there's Nichelle Nichols (Uhura). "Bill Shatner is a selfish flatulent lard ass who would crap on the last piece of pizza just so you wouldn't enjoy it"

Jason Alexander. He said he was a Star Trek geek. He adds "Captain Kirk is a Jew. Tell Mel Gibson to shove that photon torpedo up his ass"

Jeffrey Ross was next. His lines? "Last year we held a roast for Pamela Anderson. Keeping with that tradition, we are now hosting another roast of a bad actor with big tits." "You have let yourself boldly go" "When did you go from Captain Kirk to Captain Crunch?" "I wish that spaceship of yours would have once landed on a planet with an acting school"

Greg Giraldo (whoever that is): "William Shatner, you overract more than Betty White's bladder." "You proved having no talent could be hip and ironic."

Lisa Lampanelli (another D-list comic): "William, don't kill yourself, then Uhura woudn't have any house to clean." "TJ Hooker, what a piece of crap! I tried to tivo TJ Hooker but my tivo suggested I punch myself in the $%!&#.

Then the man of the hour, Shatner spoke to his roasters. "The proudest moments of my career are the incredible works I've done to help the poor, the homeless, and the indigent. Nichelle and George know them as Star Trek 3 through 6." "Farrah, you should really stay out of the sun. Your skin looks so much like fried chicken, Nichelle's mouth is watering!"

Ah good times!

See Kyle Draw!

I wanted to post something about one of my favorite budding artists. Kyle Cummings is in his 20's and has been drawing some great paintings, sketches, comic strips for many years now.

He moved to L.A. in 2005 and has had an exhibition of his work last year and also has some stuff being sold in a boutique in L.A. I love the whimsical aspect of his work. It's very creative. I personally own 5 of his prints that I proudly display on my walls . Here are some of his works, many which I own prints of.

A lot of his works are for sale on his website. Check him out! seekyledraw.com

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Worst Music Videos of the 80's

I was reading the Stuck In The 80's Blog today where they gave their choices of the worst music videos of the 80's. I agreed with a lot of them. But it got me thinking of what my list would be. Because lord knows there was a lot of suck that decade. So here's my Top 10 list of the WORST.

10) Shannon - Let The Music Play. The video seemed fine enough until halfway through when those dancers appeared. Oh dear. I think the real dancers didn't show so my girl Shannon went out on the streets of NYC and found the first group of bums she could find and said "Here's some clothes..you know, the washed kind. Put these on and dance!" It is the worst dancing ever! Well, at least the song itself is cool. Watch it here

9) Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy. I always hated this song and I hated the video even more. Robin Williams got on my last nerve in this one. Watch it here

8) Total Coelo - I Eat Cannibals. I don't know what this song was supposed to be about. Eating cannibals I guess. Whateva. The video was even more stupid. Watch it here

7) Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson - Say Say Say. And to think, these were the people behind the Beatles and Thriller? Make it go away!! Watch it here

6) Journey - Separate Ways. Now I really do like this song. But the video is just wrong. This is Journey, who I loved at this time. They went all 80's on us here. The jackets with rolled up sleeves, the haircuts, the faux instrument playing. Journey deserved better than this! Watch it here

5) Toni Basil - Mickey. Ok now, you may think I would like this because of it's title, but HELL NO! This song was popular when I was just starting high school. So this song was sung to me TOO MANY TIMES! Regarding the video, what's up with the fat cheerleaders? I'd hate to be at the bottom of that cheerleader pyramid! Watch it here

4) Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time. Are you serious? Did you actually think this wouldn't make the list?? Someone should've told Eddie that taking career advice from Rick James is not the best thing to do.
Watch it here

3) The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like. This is just bad in so many ways. Three minutes of SUCK! Watch it here

2) Devo - Peek-A-Boo. Someone explain to me what this video means? It's is bizarre beyond words. BAD BAD BAD! Watch it here

1) Billy Squier - Rock Me Tonight. This is SO BAD that it's good. Whenever I need a good laugh, I just play this video. It is truly the WORST of the decade in my opinion. What was he going for in this video, the aerobics crowd, the gay crowd, I don't know, but it sure guaranteed his next concert tour would have NO crowd! Watch it here

There you have it. My 10 most Craptastic 80's videos. Excuse me while I hurl!
Benji the Weatherman

Benji Schwimmer making a goofy appearance with the weatherman on Fox & Friends.
Travis Wall FEVER

This is Travis from 2004 performing with his mother's dance troupe Denise Wall's Dance Energy. Awesome!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Step Up to Channing Tatum!

I haven't seen the new movie Step Up yet, but I plan to soon. Guess it's from all that So You Think You Can Dance viewing. And if Nigel says to go see it, then I must obey! Plus it's got dreamy Channing Tatum in it. And I hear he does some pretty good dancing. Until I see the movie, I'll just have to settle for this pics of him. HOT!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - FINALE!

Season Finale! All of the top 20 are back doing their favorites. Trying to stretch the announcing of the winner out forever! The Top 4 danced their favorite performances of the season, plus some bonus dances by the whole group. The first group dance, Travis had on some vest that looked like a street crossing guard outfit. Guess he was directing the pedestrians past the dead bodies on the ground.

Speaking of dead bodies, the zombies were back! The Ramalama song made a return. All 20 finalists this time joined the ranks of the undead. But wait a minute, what is up with Heidi?? Check out her makeup. She looks like someone. Who could that be...

That's it!

Heidi put away the pearls and did a repeat of the contemporary routine with Travis. In the dance, Heidi's character wants Travis, but Travis wants no part of it. (I wonder why...)

Dmitry and Natalie did a ballroom dance and ho' it up!

Benji and Donyelle redid their Broadway dance.

Ivan and Allison did their contemporary dance that made Mary cry.

Heidi is first to be eliminated. That was pretty much expected.

Travis and Heidi did their Paso Doble'

Donyelle gets the boot. Of course. Time for a Tranji final 2!

Travis and Martha do their very first dance together in a Broadway style.

The Top 10 perform the Chicago routine. Jump Trav!

Mary does her Godzilla imitation. I see the resemblance.

Benji and Travis get praise from the judges.

And the winner is.....

BENJI! As expected. And he does his beauty pageant cry. But I think the real reason he's crying is because Celine Dion appeared on the screen congratulating him on winning a spot in her Las Vegas show. Oh dear, I'd be crying too...