Sunday, August 06, 2006

Don Juan Dracula: They have fangs, but they don't suck!

I caught wind of a band while listening to one of my podcasts. They are Don Juan Dracula from Norway. Cool name. They have a very strong 80's sound to them which I think is awesome, that is if you liked 80's music. It's like going on a time warp. They actually broke up in January this year, but some Australian guy recently talked them into reforming and is now promoting them around the world. I love their little 80's toy sounds they have in many of their songs, like the Speak and Spell. That toy both taught me and called me out for the fool I am when I couldn't spell the words.

You can check them out on their MySpace page at:

You can also watch the video for their single Take Me Home by clicking this link:

Take Me Home Video

Good Stuff! And don't mess with the bunny!

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