Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - FINALE!

Season Finale! All of the top 20 are back doing their favorites. Trying to stretch the announcing of the winner out forever! The Top 4 danced their favorite performances of the season, plus some bonus dances by the whole group. The first group dance, Travis had on some vest that looked like a street crossing guard outfit. Guess he was directing the pedestrians past the dead bodies on the ground.

Speaking of dead bodies, the zombies were back! The Ramalama song made a return. All 20 finalists this time joined the ranks of the undead. But wait a minute, what is up with Heidi?? Check out her makeup. She looks like someone. Who could that be...

That's it!

Heidi put away the pearls and did a repeat of the contemporary routine with Travis. In the dance, Heidi's character wants Travis, but Travis wants no part of it. (I wonder why...)

Dmitry and Natalie did a ballroom dance and ho' it up!

Benji and Donyelle redid their Broadway dance.

Ivan and Allison did their contemporary dance that made Mary cry.

Heidi is first to be eliminated. That was pretty much expected.

Travis and Heidi did their Paso Doble'

Donyelle gets the boot. Of course. Time for a Tranji final 2!

Travis and Martha do their very first dance together in a Broadway style.

The Top 10 perform the Chicago routine. Jump Trav!

Mary does her Godzilla imitation. I see the resemblance.

Benji and Travis get praise from the judges.

And the winner is.....

BENJI! As expected. And he does his beauty pageant cry. But I think the real reason he's crying is because Celine Dion appeared on the screen congratulating him on winning a spot in her Las Vegas show. Oh dear, I'd be crying too...

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