Sunday, December 02, 2007

Amazing Race - Freaks On Stilts

Amazing Race Season 12 time! Boring Jason and Lorena were eliminated last week. Let's see if Kynt and Vyxsin make it through another leg with their mascara intact.

Teams start off heading to Lithuania. Kynt says he always wanted to go somewhere like Lithuania or Transylvania because they are gothy places. I never thought of Lithuania as gothy, but whatever, I don't want to upset Kynt and his wacky manicured eyebrows!

Ronald whines about how the ticket agent needs to "expand beyond the fossilization of the carrier". Eh? I never know what he's saying. Turns out he was right. The ticket agent found a better flight. Guess he knows his fossils...since he is one.

Dumb blonde squishy sandwich! Blondies back up without watching and almost get hit by a bus.

Detour. Count Down or Step Up. Kynt and Vyxsin feel at home among the freaks in costumes. They suck at walking on stilts but count the fence posts pretty quickly.

Christina and Ronald try walking on stilts and of course Ronald is hilarious at it. He's worried about his hernia popping out. Ick!

TK and Rachel kick butt on the stilts and are first to the pitstop.

Shana and Jennifer are last to arrive and are eliminated. Now Shana can go back home to Ryan Secrest (they've been linked together). Ryan needed a beard ya know. See ya blondies.