Thursday, November 30, 2006

Drake Bell - I Know

I've been watching the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh lately. It's very goofy but is always good for a laugh. One of the main stars, Drake Bell, also is a musician. He already released one CD which I think is pretty good, and he's releasing his second CD next week. Below is his appearance on Regis and Kelly singing his new single, I Know. Fortunately, Drake survived the show without any hand-over-mouth incidents.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Heroes - Screw The Wife, I Gotta Fly!

Episode 10 of Heroes tonight and we're going back in time!

We see Sylar six months ago, who apparently was a watch lovin geek. Mohinder's father Chandra shows up to bring out the freak in him. Nice geek hair Sylar. What would Tori Spelling think of that do' and that drab outfit! Not pleased I'd say!

Eve is all sassy and drunk in a stolen car. She gets pulled over by cop Matt. Eve works her "These aren't the droids you're looking for" power and gave a suggestion of donut lovin into Matt's head and next thing you know, Dunkin Donuts, here I come! Although if Eve had a sense of humor, she'd make him crave something like worms or such.

Hiro realizes he sucks at precise time traveling and tries to get back to current time. He calls Ando in Japan, but instead Past Hiro answers. Whoa! Hiro is talking to himself! He freaks out over some possible paradox and hangs up.

So Jessica is actually Niki's dead twin sister. And Niki hadn't gone all crazy badass yet.

Poor Nathan and wife get their car rammed by gangters. But Nathan doesn't have time to react, he's too busy flying off and leaving his wife to crash in the car. Peter has a dream about it at the same time.

Hiro talks Charlie into going with him to Japan by making 1000 paper origami cranes appear instantly. Guess he froze time and then made 1000 paper origami's on the spot. Talk about a boring waste of frozen time!

Hiro finds out Charlie is dying and that she loves him. But just as he goes in for the kiss, he teleports to Japan, apparently at current time and he's unable to teleport again and can't change history. Either that, or he's passing a pretty fierce kidney stone.

Looks like Sylar kills people to get their powers. Not sure how he does that or if he has a power of his own to steal powers from dead people. Dunno. He gets his fake name Sylar from a name brand of a watch he quickly glances at. How lame. Good thing he didn't glance at the water cooler instead, or else his name would be Zephyrhills. He needs something sassy like the Clock King. Oh wait, Batman already used that one.

One more episode before the break until next year. Someone dies, and I'm afraid of who I think it will be. Grrr.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Amazing Race - American Gladiators...On CRACK!

Amazing Race time. Cho's were gone last time, let's see if Rob and Kimberly are next, hopefully!

They start in Kiev heading to Morocco looking for antiques. Maybe they'll run into Morocco Mole (nobody's gonna get that reference probably). Seems everyone is doing some beauty queen hating.

The local Moroccans were entranced by the blond hair beauty queens and began swarming around their taxi. Darn, I was hoping for a mobbing. Well, at least it made the blondes last to the antique store.

Yield ahead! And it has the Beauty Queens' name on it! It's a mad dash to the Yield, but strangely, nobody yields the blondes. So the blondes yield the Alabama moms. Go figure?

Gladiator time. Tyler and James daydream of reinacting the tub scene from Spartacus, but no time. They ride in chariots and have to grab 2 flags. Of course, James is the only one who misses grabbing a flag. Bet he wouldn't miss grabbing his crack pipe! Maybe they should have had that hanging instead of the flags.

Rob and Kimberly get a flat tire but can't find the tire jack. They lucked out and had a local lend them one. If only the locals knew how annoying they were. They should be required to wear t-shirts that say "Stay Back, I Whine Loudly". Or just shirts that say "Babe" and "Other Babe" I suppose would work too.

Everyone takes the same task at the detour, "Grind it", which is grinding olives. Tyler and James are the first to start grinding. Oi, did I actually just type that? Beauty Queens arrive last and have to wait to grind.

Druggies are first to head to the pit stop. They forget their little charm and have to run back to the car to get it, but since Alabama moms are slow ass fools, they still are first to the pitstop. They win a Trio phone/organizer, which should make it easier for them to get hold of their drug dealer!

Beauty Queens arrive last at the pitstop, but lucked out. Non-elimination leg. Everyone's still in it. BQ's will incurr a 30 minute penalty if they don't come in first next leg. Who knows, maybe they will luck out and the next leg will be a swimsuit competition. Of course, in my book the druggies would win that anyway. We'll see next week.

Friday, November 24, 2006

...But Don't Forget The Robot...

Ok, I haven't been able to get this frickin' song outta my head ALL WEEK! It's from this week's hilarious episode of How I Met Your Mother. The character Robin had a embarrasing dark secret of her past that she's been hiding. Was it that she was married, that she was in a porno? Nope, she was a one hit wonder Canadian teen pop star who went by the name Robin Sparkles! Legen----wait for it---dary! Here's the video her friends found of her song! It's 80's-a-riffic!

Friday's With No Battlestar are for the Dogs!

No Battlestar or Doctor Who tonight. dull. Instead, I had dinner with a friend of mine, Jim, and he showed me his new Italian Greyhound, Max. The poor thing broke its leg the first night he had it and just got the cast off. Ain't he cute?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Heroes - Sylar is So Notorious!

Episode 9 of Heroes tonight. Homecoming night. Go team!

Evil Jessica gets a bad ass gun and gets ready to do some walkin-thru-walls shootin. Watch out D.L.!

Peter sees the painting and wonders if it means he's the one who will die. He decides that he has to go anyway, cause he's a hero ya know. He tells Ando to get to the school with Hiro.

Way to go Claire, punch that bitch cheerleader! Don't mess with the homecoming queen or her gay boyfriend!

Claire's dad grounds her to keep her from homecoming, but gay boyfriend sneaks her out of the house. Mr. Bennett will be pissed.

Peter meets up with Ando but can't get him to go with him to the school. So Peter goes alone to possibly get killed? Ando waits for Hiro. Come on Hiro, where/when ya at?

Sylar shows up at the school and kills the wrong cheerleader. He then realizes that and goes after Claire. FREAKY! Especially her face!! Ok, I gotta do a video of that scene. It's below. Ick!


Peter shows up and tells Claire to run and he takes on Sylar. They both take a tumble off the roof into a pile of blood. Is Peter dead??

No way! He absorbed Claire's power and recovered. But Sylar is gone and Peter is arrested.

Eden uses her powers to control and capture Sylar. Hey, Sylar is played by the guy from So Notorious! He's going from a flaming gay best friend of Tori Spelling to a bad ass villian. Now there's a leap!

Guess next week we'll find out what happened to Hiro in the past.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Amazing Race - Welcome to Mustache Island!

Amazing Race time. We pick up where we left off, in Finland with the druggies cussing that the leg isn't over yet. Yeah, we were cussing too.

Teams now have to go to the current site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which is in Ukraine. The druggies are worried they might get a third eye if they go there because of the nuclear fallout. But they figure it might give them a drug high, so they are so in!

Erwin decides to hit his head into the tower. Talk about bumping ugly! Everyone bunches up again at the airport. Those in the lead are pissed.

The teams have to drive a tank. Tyler says James drives like a girl. Dustin works her woman driver skills and passes James.

James then gets a mud bath. The only good thing that came out of that is...shirtless James! Woo hoo!

Rob calls Kimberly a super human creature from outer space. And he must be the outer space nagging creature who only knows one Earth word..."babe"!

Lyn said she avoided getting muddy because she scooted up and looked like blue haired lady on a Sunday drive. Is Rob wearing a fanny pack in the pic above or do busted up, old as hell cars turn him on?? each his own.

The teams have to look for an apartment number 33 and get a clue from a butt ugly woman. The models wonder why they must keep associating with ugly people. That woman needs some of Tyler's face cream STAT!

Next task is to "make music" or "find music". Then James and Tyler realize that they can make beautiful music together after the race so they choose to find the music.

Whoa! But first it's time for Find the Hot Body! I like that task better!

Dustin and Kandyce make music. They are rapping fools! They got street cred y'all! I would have loved to see white boys James and Tyler rap! Oh wait! I would have LOVED to see the hicks do that! HEH!

Sing along everyone! "Yo, my name is teeth are scary...I went around the world with Asians and fairies."

James and Tyler make it to the pitstop first. Tyler says that there's nothing that feels better than being back on top again. Sheesh, can't they wait till they get back to their room for that kinda talk?

I think Phil is jealous of local guy's mustache. I think that's the look Phil has been missing.

Oh yeah! That's what he needed!

Thanks to being pulled over by the police, the Cho brothers end up last and are eliminated. They are proud to have played the race fair and looked after other teams. Yeah, that's nice and all, but did they think they would win that way? Well, another week with Rob and Kimberly still here. Here's to hoping next week is their last!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - I'll Drink To That!

New episode of Battlestar tonight.

Bulldog has returned from Cylon captivity sporting one gooey Cylon jheri curl. Must be from the Soul Glow line of products! He claims he escaped from the Cylon base and found his way back to Galactica.

Seems Admiral Adama left Bulldog for dead many years ago. Hmm. I bet he may get upset about that fact in a little bit. Well, maybe after his noodle lovin.

Baltar is working a threesome with Six and Xena. They're all in a bed with whore-red satin sheets. Is that all they do??

One-eye Pirate Tigh tells Bulldog that Adama had his ship shot down then gets back to his booze, or grog, or ambrosia, whatever they're calling it. Bulldog gets pissed.

Well, hello one of People magazine's sexiest men alive!

Bulldog decides to give Adama a chemical skin peel...oh wait, no, he actually tries to kill him. Although that first option would've been better. Tigh saves the day and belts Bulldog with a pipe. Not bad for a one-eyed drunk!

So of course, they end the episode with them drinking. Sheesh, how do these drunks get any work done on that ship??