Sunday, November 05, 2006

Amazing Race - Cow Lips and Rotten Teeth

Amazing Race time. Damn hicks still around. All I know is there better not be another fast forward this round! They start off in Mauritius heading off to Madagascar.

Tyler says that James is the more passive one in their partnership. I guess that means James is the bottom! heh.

30 seconds on screen this episode and Rob and Kimberly have said "Babe" three times. Oi!

Hicks say all they know about Madagascar are the talking animals from the movie of the same name. Guess Mary will be looking for help from a talking zebra. Well, considering how lame they play the game, I guess it couldn't hurt.

Once in Madagascar, they come to an Intersection, where they have to team up with another team. And a Fast Forward. DAMN! This game must be fixed. Keep it away from the hicks! Oh, the fast forward is to eat cow lips. Cool! Druggies and Rob and Kimberly team up and go for the fast forward. The beauty queens dread looking for a team to hook up with since the teams all hate them. They end up with the Cho's.

Cow lip time! The lips have hair and teeth in it. Delicious! Kimberly is one puking fool. She must not have learned to appreciate eating hair and teeth. Go figure! They keep talking about how they are so far ahead of everyone with the fast forward, which means they'll probably be last.

The beauty queens and the Cho's work together on the mattresses. Heh. There's a joke in there somewhere. Those are some lightweight beds. Guess they don't have europlush pillowtop models over there. They get the beds to the destination pretty easy. The hicks and Lyn and Karlyn whine a lot, but finish.

What a stupid Road Block, find stamps?? They have to get four people to stamp a card. Sheesh! At this rate, the next road block will be to get 4 people to shake your hand. Whateva.

The beauty queens are first to the pitstop. The fast forward teams are just after them. Cho's and Lyn and Karlyn are next and due to the 30 minute penalty....

The hicks are eliminated! WOOT! Mary cries about a new chapter in her life, which actually means she'll be going back to her hick town and her hick cows (complete with cow lips no less). However, let's hope she learns the phrase "Davinci Porcelain Veneers". Those choppers in her mouth will haunt me the rest of the season! But since she didn't win the million dollars, she may just have to settle for the cow's teeth from the fast forward.


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