Monday, November 20, 2006

Heroes - Sylar is So Notorious!

Episode 9 of Heroes tonight. Homecoming night. Go team!

Evil Jessica gets a bad ass gun and gets ready to do some walkin-thru-walls shootin. Watch out D.L.!

Peter sees the painting and wonders if it means he's the one who will die. He decides that he has to go anyway, cause he's a hero ya know. He tells Ando to get to the school with Hiro.

Way to go Claire, punch that bitch cheerleader! Don't mess with the homecoming queen or her gay boyfriend!

Claire's dad grounds her to keep her from homecoming, but gay boyfriend sneaks her out of the house. Mr. Bennett will be pissed.

Peter meets up with Ando but can't get him to go with him to the school. So Peter goes alone to possibly get killed? Ando waits for Hiro. Come on Hiro, where/when ya at?

Sylar shows up at the school and kills the wrong cheerleader. He then realizes that and goes after Claire. FREAKY! Especially her face!! Ok, I gotta do a video of that scene. It's below. Ick!


Peter shows up and tells Claire to run and he takes on Sylar. They both take a tumble off the roof into a pile of blood. Is Peter dead??

No way! He absorbed Claire's power and recovered. But Sylar is gone and Peter is arrested.

Eden uses her powers to control and capture Sylar. Hey, Sylar is played by the guy from So Notorious! He's going from a flaming gay best friend of Tori Spelling to a bad ass villian. Now there's a leap!

Guess next week we'll find out what happened to Hiro in the past.

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