Friday, November 10, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Infections and Hot Lovin!

Battlestar time. Hey, even The O.C. made a Battlestar Galactica reference on the this week's episode. So, let's see, we left off with the cylon base star that got screwed.

Seems there's a virus affecting all the Cylons on the base star but not the humans. That's a relief to all the BSG crew, but sucks for Sharon/Athena. Oops, shouldn't have touched them girl! Well, she lucked out and is also immune too since she had hot cylon/human baby action.

Back on the main cylon base star, Baltar is being interrogated by the sexy cylons. They hook his fingers up to some electrode-ish thing and hilarity ensues. Oh wait, make that torture ensues. The next torture technique they consider is waxing his crazy hairy chest. If that don't make him crack, nothing will!

The cylons do their best Resident Evil zombie imitation. Adama and co figure they can use the affected cylons as a way to infect and kill all of the cylons. Then the moral genocide discussion comes out. Whateva. Like they'd kill all the cylons. That would put a damper on the plots of future episodes. Nah, they won't be doin that. I'm sure sexy cylon would be happy. And why aren't there any fat cylons?

Sexy Six goes into ho mode and gets a humpin'. Can't she ever keep her clothes on?

Well hello Apollo and your sexy jaw line!

Sneaky Helo killed the infected cylons before they could infect the rest. Guess frakkin' a cylon will do that to ya. The cylons live to overract in yet another episode. Them drama queens!

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