Friday, November 17, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - I'll Drink To That!

New episode of Battlestar tonight.

Bulldog has returned from Cylon captivity sporting one gooey Cylon jheri curl. Must be from the Soul Glow line of products! He claims he escaped from the Cylon base and found his way back to Galactica.

Seems Admiral Adama left Bulldog for dead many years ago. Hmm. I bet he may get upset about that fact in a little bit. Well, maybe after his noodle lovin.

Baltar is working a threesome with Six and Xena. They're all in a bed with whore-red satin sheets. Is that all they do??

One-eye Pirate Tigh tells Bulldog that Adama had his ship shot down then gets back to his booze, or grog, or ambrosia, whatever they're calling it. Bulldog gets pissed.

Well, hello one of People magazine's sexiest men alive!

Bulldog decides to give Adama a chemical skin peel...oh wait, no, he actually tries to kill him. Although that first option would've been better. Tigh saves the day and belts Bulldog with a pipe. Not bad for a one-eyed drunk!

So of course, they end the episode with them drinking. Sheesh, how do these drunks get any work done on that ship??

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