Sunday, November 26, 2006

Amazing Race - American Gladiators...On CRACK!

Amazing Race time. Cho's were gone last time, let's see if Rob and Kimberly are next, hopefully!

They start in Kiev heading to Morocco looking for antiques. Maybe they'll run into Morocco Mole (nobody's gonna get that reference probably). Seems everyone is doing some beauty queen hating.

The local Moroccans were entranced by the blond hair beauty queens and began swarming around their taxi. Darn, I was hoping for a mobbing. Well, at least it made the blondes last to the antique store.

Yield ahead! And it has the Beauty Queens' name on it! It's a mad dash to the Yield, but strangely, nobody yields the blondes. So the blondes yield the Alabama moms. Go figure?

Gladiator time. Tyler and James daydream of reinacting the tub scene from Spartacus, but no time. They ride in chariots and have to grab 2 flags. Of course, James is the only one who misses grabbing a flag. Bet he wouldn't miss grabbing his crack pipe! Maybe they should have had that hanging instead of the flags.

Rob and Kimberly get a flat tire but can't find the tire jack. They lucked out and had a local lend them one. If only the locals knew how annoying they were. They should be required to wear t-shirts that say "Stay Back, I Whine Loudly". Or just shirts that say "Babe" and "Other Babe" I suppose would work too.

Everyone takes the same task at the detour, "Grind it", which is grinding olives. Tyler and James are the first to start grinding. Oi, did I actually just type that? Beauty Queens arrive last and have to wait to grind.

Druggies are first to head to the pit stop. They forget their little charm and have to run back to the car to get it, but since Alabama moms are slow ass fools, they still are first to the pitstop. They win a Trio phone/organizer, which should make it easier for them to get hold of their drug dealer!

Beauty Queens arrive last at the pitstop, but lucked out. Non-elimination leg. Everyone's still in it. BQ's will incurr a 30 minute penalty if they don't come in first next leg. Who knows, maybe they will luck out and the next leg will be a swimsuit competition. Of course, in my book the druggies would win that anyway. We'll see next week.

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