Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Top Chef Finale!

The finale of Top Chef was on tonight. It was down to Ilan and Marcel. Both are pretty good, but I was rooting for Marcel. Not sure if it was because I think he's the best or that I feel sorry for him. Especially after his fellow contestants held him down a couple weeks ago and tried to shave his Wolverine looking hairdo.

Now why is it when I think back to this finale, the only thing that sticks in my head is the odd conversation below:

In the end, Ilan won. It probably was for the best. Poor Marcel probably would have been mugged or something if he won. EVERYONE hated him. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, a crazy viewer of the show approached Marcel and hit him on the head with a bottle because she hated him. So everyone's happy I guess. Now maybe someone will hit Marcel's hairstylist on the head next!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Harry Hotter!

Whoa, what would Hermione say! Here's some promo pics for Daniel Radcliffe's London stage debut of Equus. Harry Potter's all grown up and getting nekkid on stage. (thanks to blade2186 from FMForums for the pics)

Heroes - Go Go Flame Chick!

Heroes time. Let's see if Claire's real mom makes her appearance and will Sylar still be having his tea party with roaches? We'll see.

Peter tries to get Claude to tell him more about his powers, but Claude wants no part and disappears. HEH! Get it, disappears? Hmm. Peter slowly reappears when Claude gets out of range. Cool!

Hiro can't get his powers to work, but Uh oh, seems someone's after them! Enter creepy old van, who captures them. Could this be daddy?

Stupid Commercial Interlude...Why would a chocolate chip cookie be driving a car singing "Dont You Want Me Baby"? Stupid cookie!

Daddy HRG almost catches Claire and Zach snooping his pc. Sorry Zach, no gay porn to be found. They play dumb like they don't remember being friends. Not sure if daddy believes it.

Sylar supposedly dies, but hold on, not just yet. He can't dessert his new best friend, Cock Roach!

Nathan tries to keep Peter from leaving town. But ol' Claude helps him go all invisible and elude them. Well hello boys...

D.L walks through walls to see Niki in her cell. D.L. has his hands full with Micah. He forgets to make the brat lunch ya know.

Speaking of Micah, seems he decides to become the human ATM and uses his electronic powers to make the ATM spit out hundreds of dollars. I take it back, Micah isn't a brat, he's my new best friend!

It's Sulu! Hiro's daddy shows up wanting to take him home. Hiro needs to do some serious teleporting right about now. And at warp speed Scotty!

Claire finds her mom and she's Flame Chick! She's hot! HEH! Could she be the flame person from the painting?

HRG pays a visit to Sylar's non-dead body and gets a suprise by living Sylar, ready to kick some Horn Rimmed Butt!!

...To Be Continued...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - Talk About Screwed Up Marriages!

Baltar's back. Let's see what wacky adventures he gets into while locked up. And will Starbuck and Apollo finally give it up?

So it was all a dream. The Baltar resurrection was all in his head. Figured as much. The guard saves him from his attempted self-hanging.

Dualla's up waiting for drunk Apollo. She's still all pissy about her failing marriage. I'd me mad too if hot Apollo was ignoring me!

Oh Roslyn, girlfriend, you are one crazy mo fo! I love it! She let loose on Baltar ordering him to be jettisoned out of the airlock. You go, you mad diva! Of course it's just a bluff to get him to talk. But it didn't work.

Dualla tells Apollo "You gots ta go! Get your triflin' ho self outta here and see your girlfriend." Apollo's all like "Bitch please, I haven't tapped that ass in weeks. But at least she's not all up in my face!"

Baltar gets a big needle of experimental drugs to get him to talk. Six is there in his mind, talking all kind of God crap. That red dress must really smell by now. The bitch has it on in every scene!

Adama uses some ancient Chinese secret on Baltar. Baltar thinks he's floating in water with Adama's voice echoing, sounding like the Wizard of Oz. "Pay no attention to the crater face Admiral behind the curtain!" How trippy! But it gets him to talk about Six and how he didn't know he was being a traitor and that he's not a Cylon.

Apollo's drunk again. What a lush! He lost his wedding ring. Heh! I love his sloppy drunk slurring "Has anyone seen my ring?"

Apollo begs Dualla to give him another chance. Apparently, she is. But who knows. They don't seem to want to give up on the Starbuck/Apollo thing. I think Anders and Apollo just need to hook up and call it a day. Bros before Ho's!

Gaeta tries to get Baltar to talk but instead tries to get revenge and kill him. But he survives and will stand trial. Maybe they can finally give him a haircut!

Looks like no new episode next week. We gotta wait 2 weeks. You think after that long break they could have a few new shows in a row. Sheesh!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Milo Ventimiglia on Ellen!

Milo Ventimiglia was on Ellen a few days ago looking cute as usual. Seems he wants to cut his crazy hair with those out of control bangs. And once again told the story of him dressing up as Madonna. He really loves that story. I think he's longing to sport the Madonna cone bra again. Check out the cuteness below!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - 2 For 1 Sale On Resurrections!

Battlestar is back from winter break to continue the cliffhanger. Will Apollo get his ass kicked? Will Starbuck die? Will Baltar have more orgies? We'll see.

Deanna recalls all Cylon raiders but lets one go to the planet. Other Cylons are pissed. This stops Adama from launching the nukes.

Apollo tells Dualla to rescue Starbuck. Dualla is pissed that she has to rescue her husband's "mistress".

Athena decides she can rescue her daughter by being killed and being resurrected on the Cylon ship. Helo agrees and shoots her, getting Boomer blood all over the walls! Cleaning crew are gonna cuss you out! But it was cool. Didn't see that coming.

Roslyn and Adama talk to Helo about his wacky shooting. Roslyn basically says "Bitch please! You best hope your Radio Shack ho' don't play us!"

Newly resurrected Athena gets to see her nappy baby. She says she has to take it back to Galactica to save the baby's life. Six decides to help her escape the Cylon base.

The nearby sun goes supernova. Tyrol says that the supernova is the Eye of Jupiter. Either that or Sauron is paying a visit.

Deanna apparently sees the final five. What? Is she watching college basketball or something? No, these final five are the final unknown Cylon models. Seems she recognizes one as someone we must know.

Chief finds Baltar and knocks him out with his gun. Guess Baltar will have to wait to know if he's a Cylon.

Seems Starbuck has been drawing ancient designs like the ones in the cave since she was a kid. Could she be the "chosen one"? Or maybe she's making a sassy new eye patch for Tigh.

Looks like Cylon Automotive Inc. decided to do a recall on the Deanna line. They found the line too sexy and prone to burst out in threesomes without warning. She's been deemed flawed. No more Xenas. Poof!

Whoa, did the previews for next week just show Baltar being resurrected? So he's a Cylon? That seems like a rather revealing trailer if so. We'll see next week.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - New Episode!

The new season 7 episode 6 of fanfilm series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier has just been released. There's only a few episodes left in the series. Make sure you check it out and also catch up on the previous episodes.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Heroes - Invisible Billins

Heroes is back FINALLY! After all of the sneak previews, NBC really has this hyped up!

Peter's in a coma dreaming his exploding premonition dream, except now they have invisible man Claude in them. Nathan and mama look on.

Sylar is pumped with drugs watching the lovely bugs pass by. Cue cameo appearance of Special Guest Star Cock Roach. Matt raids the paper company, but HRG has Sylar safely tucked away with his insect friends.

Hiro finds "the sword" at a New York museum and decides to steal it. He thinks it will help him control his powers. But it turns out to be a fake sword. Linderman has the real one.

Claire tries to get Zach back as her best friend, but he wants no part of it. It's cause of the breasts. Unless Hatian man also made him forget he was gay.

Hiro reinacts the dinosaur scene. Guess he won't be taking on a real dinosaur afterall. Boo!

Simone brings Nathan to Isaac, but Simone isn't that excited to see him. She now likes smooth chested men with floppy hair ya know.

Reunion of Nathan, Isaac, Hiro and Ando. Video above. FLYING MAN!

Hiro and nathan discuss the Billin! See above.

Claire reinacts her jump while being filmed to help "re-educate" Zach. And Zach freaks out a second time. I too hate it when my ribs stick out of my chest like that. Hmm. Now I'm in the mood for bar-b-que!

Ok, there's too many good scenes. Above is Peter and his revised dream. Crazy cool! Nathan gets a face lift!

The Doctor...I mean invisible Claude freaks out because Peter can see him and is putting a damper on his pickpocketing racket. They both have an invisible brawl.

Cool cool! Bring on next week already!