Monday, January 29, 2007

Heroes - Go Go Flame Chick!

Heroes time. Let's see if Claire's real mom makes her appearance and will Sylar still be having his tea party with roaches? We'll see.

Peter tries to get Claude to tell him more about his powers, but Claude wants no part and disappears. HEH! Get it, disappears? Hmm. Peter slowly reappears when Claude gets out of range. Cool!

Hiro can't get his powers to work, but Uh oh, seems someone's after them! Enter creepy old van, who captures them. Could this be daddy?

Stupid Commercial Interlude...Why would a chocolate chip cookie be driving a car singing "Dont You Want Me Baby"? Stupid cookie!

Daddy HRG almost catches Claire and Zach snooping his pc. Sorry Zach, no gay porn to be found. They play dumb like they don't remember being friends. Not sure if daddy believes it.

Sylar supposedly dies, but hold on, not just yet. He can't dessert his new best friend, Cock Roach!

Nathan tries to keep Peter from leaving town. But ol' Claude helps him go all invisible and elude them. Well hello boys...

D.L walks through walls to see Niki in her cell. D.L. has his hands full with Micah. He forgets to make the brat lunch ya know.

Speaking of Micah, seems he decides to become the human ATM and uses his electronic powers to make the ATM spit out hundreds of dollars. I take it back, Micah isn't a brat, he's my new best friend!

It's Sulu! Hiro's daddy shows up wanting to take him home. Hiro needs to do some serious teleporting right about now. And at warp speed Scotty!

Claire finds her mom and she's Flame Chick! She's hot! HEH! Could she be the flame person from the painting?

HRG pays a visit to Sylar's non-dead body and gets a suprise by living Sylar, ready to kick some Horn Rimmed Butt!!

...To Be Continued...

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