Sunday, January 28, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - Talk About Screwed Up Marriages!

Baltar's back. Let's see what wacky adventures he gets into while locked up. And will Starbuck and Apollo finally give it up?

So it was all a dream. The Baltar resurrection was all in his head. Figured as much. The guard saves him from his attempted self-hanging.

Dualla's up waiting for drunk Apollo. She's still all pissy about her failing marriage. I'd me mad too if hot Apollo was ignoring me!

Oh Roslyn, girlfriend, you are one crazy mo fo! I love it! She let loose on Baltar ordering him to be jettisoned out of the airlock. You go, you mad diva! Of course it's just a bluff to get him to talk. But it didn't work.

Dualla tells Apollo "You gots ta go! Get your triflin' ho self outta here and see your girlfriend." Apollo's all like "Bitch please, I haven't tapped that ass in weeks. But at least she's not all up in my face!"

Baltar gets a big needle of experimental drugs to get him to talk. Six is there in his mind, talking all kind of God crap. That red dress must really smell by now. The bitch has it on in every scene!

Adama uses some ancient Chinese secret on Baltar. Baltar thinks he's floating in water with Adama's voice echoing, sounding like the Wizard of Oz. "Pay no attention to the crater face Admiral behind the curtain!" How trippy! But it gets him to talk about Six and how he didn't know he was being a traitor and that he's not a Cylon.

Apollo's drunk again. What a lush! He lost his wedding ring. Heh! I love his sloppy drunk slurring "Has anyone seen my ring?"

Apollo begs Dualla to give him another chance. Apparently, she is. But who knows. They don't seem to want to give up on the Starbuck/Apollo thing. I think Anders and Apollo just need to hook up and call it a day. Bros before Ho's!

Gaeta tries to get Baltar to talk but instead tries to get revenge and kill him. But he survives and will stand trial. Maybe they can finally give him a haircut!

Looks like no new episode next week. We gotta wait 2 weeks. You think after that long break they could have a few new shows in a row. Sheesh!

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