Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Top Chef Finale!

The finale of Top Chef was on tonight. It was down to Ilan and Marcel. Both are pretty good, but I was rooting for Marcel. Not sure if it was because I think he's the best or that I feel sorry for him. Especially after his fellow contestants held him down a couple weeks ago and tried to shave his Wolverine looking hairdo.

Now why is it when I think back to this finale, the only thing that sticks in my head is the odd conversation below:

In the end, Ilan won. It probably was for the best. Poor Marcel probably would have been mugged or something if he won. EVERYONE hated him. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, a crazy viewer of the show approached Marcel and hit him on the head with a bottle because she hated him. So everyone's happy I guess. Now maybe someone will hit Marcel's hairstylist on the head next!

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