Monday, January 22, 2007

Heroes - Invisible Billins

Heroes is back FINALLY! After all of the sneak previews, NBC really has this hyped up!

Peter's in a coma dreaming his exploding premonition dream, except now they have invisible man Claude in them. Nathan and mama look on.

Sylar is pumped with drugs watching the lovely bugs pass by. Cue cameo appearance of Special Guest Star Cock Roach. Matt raids the paper company, but HRG has Sylar safely tucked away with his insect friends.

Hiro finds "the sword" at a New York museum and decides to steal it. He thinks it will help him control his powers. But it turns out to be a fake sword. Linderman has the real one.

Claire tries to get Zach back as her best friend, but he wants no part of it. It's cause of the breasts. Unless Hatian man also made him forget he was gay.

Hiro reinacts the dinosaur scene. Guess he won't be taking on a real dinosaur afterall. Boo!

Simone brings Nathan to Isaac, but Simone isn't that excited to see him. She now likes smooth chested men with floppy hair ya know.

Reunion of Nathan, Isaac, Hiro and Ando. Video above. FLYING MAN!

Hiro and nathan discuss the Billin! See above.

Claire reinacts her jump while being filmed to help "re-educate" Zach. And Zach freaks out a second time. I too hate it when my ribs stick out of my chest like that. Hmm. Now I'm in the mood for bar-b-que!

Ok, there's too many good scenes. Above is Peter and his revised dream. Crazy cool! Nathan gets a face lift!

The Doctor...I mean invisible Claude freaks out because Peter can see him and is putting a damper on his pickpocketing racket. They both have an invisible brawl.

Cool cool! Bring on next week already!

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