Monday, October 30, 2006

Heroes - Giving A Girl A Hand

Episode 6 of Heroes was tonight. Gotta see what Peter and Hiro are up to! And will Hiro ever get out of Las Vegas?

Peter tells Hiro that he came from the future to tell Peter to save the cheerleader, though he has no clue who she is or where she's at.

Isaac checks out the painting of the cheerleader with her brain cut out. I like how the painting is dripping red paint. Nice bloody touch there.

Hiro finds out he carries a sword in the future. He gets all He-Man..or is that She-Ra?

Hiro gets forced into a card game that turns deadly. He wasn't able to be the hero and save the people. Where's his sword when he needs it. I'll be glad to see Hiro use his powers for more than winning poker games. And whenever he uses his powers, it looks like he's having a rough bowel movement. Damn fiber! Maybe he needs more Waffles!

Mohinder gets ready to split town and give up. Eden sneaks a kiss. Seems she's in cahoots with Horned Rim Glasses guy. I knew that Eden was bad news.

Niki starts talking to her opposite half (ikiN?). Here's the dialogue. Ok, so this isn't the dialogue so much, but it should have been:

Niki: Why you trippin'? And how come you never make goofy faces in the mirror. Always the drama queen stare!
Ikin: I killed the bitches, so don't even get me started. If it wasn't for me, you'd never get laid!
Niki: Nice black roots, color your hair much?
Ikin: Bitch please, just get the money and get the boy outta here. I'll take care of the walking-through-walls hubby. Has he ever heard of using the door?
Niki: Well, maybe hubby can give me a hand.
Ikin: Oh he'll give you a hand, but you won't like it much.

Niki gets the stolen money she's been hiding but hubby catches her and prepares for some butt kicking. Oh, but here comes Ikin to save the day...

Or not...I always hate it when someone sticks their hand through my chest. Kinda ruins the romantic mood. Creepy! And a bit gross. Where's Nathan? Flying back to New York? By plane or is he giving his industrial strength pajamas another test flight? We'll see.

Oh, and the cheerleader storyline is boring. If they don't liven up her storyline, their new tagline will be "Forget the cheerleader, the bitch bores me...oh, but still save the world." Hmm, doesn't sound as catchy as the real tagline. We'll see next week!

Brokeback's Back

Universal Studios recently announced they will be releasing a 2-disc Collector's Edition of Brokeback Mountain on January 23, 2007. I figured they would eventually release one. They say it will contain "all-new bonus features, never-before-seen footage and highly collectible postcards." Highly collectible postcards? Whateva. I can see their advertising campaign now. "Brokeback Mountain: Collector's Edition". Chock full of more brooding, more self-loathing, and more sheep.....oh, and two guys kissing."

But hey, more Jake Gyllenhaal can never be a bad thing!

Monday, October 23, 2006

My New Obsession!

My new TV obsession has got to be Heroes. This show is too cool! If you're not watching it, you need to! All kind of exciting twists in each episode. Tonight's was no different.

Future Hiro shows up to warn Peter to save the cheerleader. Future Hiro is cool! Speaking perfect English and in full samarai mode. He tells Peter to see painter Isaac to find out more. Sheesh Hiro, can you be more cryptic? How about "The cheerleader who lives at 123 Main Street needs to be saved from being killed by crazy shadow guy." Well, that would be too easy I suppose.

And that leaves Peter all confused (and CUTE!). But what's up with the bangs? His hairdresser must be crazy. Mohinder just thinks he's crazy.

And speaking of cutie Peter, his brother Nathan makes the escape from the horn rimmed glasses man (hey, isn't that Jack Coleman who played gay Steven on Dynasty?) And Nathan got away by flying! Awesome! And breaking the sound barrier no less! Click above for video.

Cop guy who can read minds, Matt, knows all about ordering steaks and ice cream to satisfy his wife, but goes crazy hearing everyone's thoughts. This storyline is a bit boring.

Back to Hiro. I love me some Hiro. He sees Nathan fly in to the diner he's at and knows he has special powers too. Best line of the episode. "Oh waffles, woo hoo!"

Well hello Nathan's chest! Funny how you can fly at the speed of sound but not have your flimsy pajamas fly off. It must have been that other superhero, Network Censor Man who kept them on.

Peter goes to see Isaac and finds an unfinished painting of the cheerleader. He then uses his apparent mimic power to obtain Isaac's power and finishes painting the pic. Nice white eyes. Pretty spooky looking, but still cute!

Niki, the mother with an alternate personality comes home from getting freaky with Nathan while she was Crazy Niki. Seems her mysterious ex-husband is back and sneaking around. Apparently he can walk through walls from watching next week's previews.

And finally, Hiro finally gets a hold of Peter over the phone. Peter is able to pass on Future Hiro's message to save the cheerleader.

And below is a video clip of upcoming episodes. Looks exciting. WAFFLES!!


Hidden Frontier Episode 5 Soon!

The new episode of fanfilm series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier will be released soon with my online friends Jaytee and Adam. Can't wait to see what happens next. Here's a preview of Episode 5. Looks good!

Back at ya Jaytee ;)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Amazing Race - Damn Hicks!

Amazing Race time again. Hicks almost got kicked off last week, but they are still here and will have to incur a 30 minute penalty if they don't come in first. And you would think they won't come in first, so we'll see if the 30 minutes will cost them the game. Besides, I'm sure their cows are missing them.

The teams get their first clue via a Nokia cell phone. Oh no! I'm having Treasure Hunters flashbacks with the dreaded "Motorola Message". If any of them utter the words "We got a Nokia Message", heads will roll!!

They are off to Kuwait. Hmm. (Insurgents + the Hicks = hilarity!) Peter and Sarah play the ol' leg card again. "Medical Emergency!" Sheesh! The beauty queens try to do a high five with the travel agent. He looks at her like she's crazy. Which she is!

Here's a shot of one of the Kuwait traffic controllers. Or at least I'm sure that's what the hicks thought.

The hicks look at the cell phone like it came from another planet. "I never had one of these in my life" Oh there's a shock!

They all have to choose between the Fast Forward or climbing up on a high tower. Cho brothers talk the others out of taking the fast forward so the hicks will be the only ones going for it. Dang! That means the hicks will come in first. But they're stupid enough to mess that up!

Oh, hold on. Tyler's muscles have distracted me. Now what was I saying?......

Once again, Sarah does the climbing task while Peter sits on the ground and watches. That's about all he's good for. They all easily complete the task

Hick Mary gets ready to walk toward a raging oil fire to get to the clue box. She hopes Steven Seagal would put her in a movie after that. Yeah, maybe "Beverly Hillbillies 2: Rotten Teeth Strikes Back"

Hicks finish in first place. Shoot! Another week of seeing their moronic t-shirts. Stupid Cho brothers, letting them win the leg! They need to go now!

The final task is either to fill heavy ass bags of camel food and carry it to somewhere or to have a camel race on a track with some crazy looking remote controlled robotic thing on the camel that swats it in the butt to get it to move. What the heck? I'd like to place one of those on Rob and Kimberly for evertime they say "Babe"! I like the way the robot is better dressed than the contestants!

Lyn and Karlyn and the druggies do the camel racing. The druggies finally find the race place and tell the camel that he sucks. Way to motivate him to run boys.

Peter and Sarah get lost following directions and end up being eliminated. They both say to Phil that the other sucks and they are SO OVER! Well Sarah, now you know how we all felt for the past 6 weeks!

Take That! It's Back!

Take That was one of my favorite bands back in the mid 90's. They got pretty much no airplay over in the US except for their single Back For Good. But they were the biggest boy band of that time in the UK. I always thought Jason (bottom, middle) was dreamy. heh! They broke up in 1996 and did solo efforts. Robbie Williams (top, left) was by far the most successful. He's still huge in the UK, but has had little success in the US. In late 2005, the band decided to get back together; however, Robbie didn't take part. So the four remaining reformed and had a very successful tour in the UK. They are now releasing a new CD next month and have a new single out titled "Patience". I think it's pretty good. Standard Take That fare. They've always been known for their ballads, and this is another. But it's pretty catchy. Below is a video of them performing it a couple days ago in Germany. Coolz!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Gay's Anatomy!

So ol' George came out of the closet eh? T.R. Knight of Grey's Anatomy admitted he was gay and was probably part of the squabble between Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey. Seems Isaiah made a somewhat negative gay comment to Dempsey. Oh come on girls, can't we all get along! But WAIT, check out T.R.'s boyfriend! It's Luke MacFarlane from the TV show Brothers and Sisters (see below). CUTE! Looks like George traded up from chunky female doctor to HOT man! Score!

Friday, October 20, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance Tour!

A couple days ago I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour here in Tampa. WOOT! It was awesome! It's amazing how well they all dance and the fact that they have to do that practically every night. They did performances from the show, plus some new ones. Travis choreographed a couple of them. Trav was awesome as usual. He's so bendy! Ivan was great too. Benji went shirtless during one dance. What would the Mormons say! I wish I would have stayed after and tried to meet them (TRAVIS!), but I'll just have to let the tour book tide me over. Besides, all I need is another restraining order. Heh! Here's some concert pics:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amazing Race: I'm Rooting For The Alligators!

Another week of Amazing Race. Our least favorite gays Tom and Terry are gone. Yay! Let's see who's the new annoying duo. Possibly all of them?

Sarah says that she learned during the race that her boyfriend sucks. Oh really? You just catching on to that love? Hey Sarah, how about a return of the fake foot with toenail polish accessory? I miss it!!

Druggies say that they were used to being powerless to drugs, so they will be good at being powerless to the happenings of the race. That's nice and all, but I bet they'd give up that powerless feeling for a bump of coke right about now! Seeing the train tracks reminds them of when they shot up with drugs at the tracks. Sheesh, don't these people have any happy memories?

David and Mary said they want to win the million so they can put their kids on a plane and go to Disneyland. Nice way to aim high with your winnings hicks!

Erwin and Godwin use a fake cell phone and act like they are calling for tickets. Peter and trick leg see them and get cranky.

They all rush for tickets. Rob and Kimberly and Tyler & James get the flight that gets in sooner. The hicks cuss because their travel agent said there's no other flight that gets in sooner than theirs. Heh! Way to go Vietnamese! Lie to rednecks, they won't know any better! Everyone got out on a flight to the destination but David and Mary. They had to go standby and no seats were available. I bet they're cursing the airport, their cows, their goats, and umm, whatever else they have in Kentucky.

Why do I have a feeling that this isn't the first time Tyler & James have been in the above position? Hee!

Sarah and her robo leg wrestle with an alligator while Peter's crotch looks on. Sarah's leg seems to be doing ok today. Peter's still being a whining bitch. I think it's time for Sarah to put on her "baseball bat" leg accessory and whack him across the head!

I think Tyler & James are planning a bank robbery or something. What's with the handkerchiefs??

They next have to take a driving test in the crazy Chennai traffic. The instructor tells Peter that if he sees animals, children or women with fake legs in the road, he's supposed to honk the horn. And I love how those instructions aren't good enough. The instructor has to demonstrate how to honk a horn. Guess the producers must have told the instructor about David and Mary being a bit slow. The guy riding with Peter in the car tells Peter "Don't drive crazy!" Well, at least the guy got Peter's real name "Crazy" correct.

Peter & Sarah are first to reach the pitstop. They now have a leg up on the others. :)

Tyler & James do the painstaking rice task that takes forever. Why didn't they do the alligator? Oh wait, I know. Nobody wants to be wrangling a alligator during an acid trip!

The boys get done before David & Mary, who end up in last place. But it's non-elimination leg. Dang! And in a strange twist, they get to keep their money, but have to come in first place on the next leg or incur a 30 minute penalty. Poor hicks.

In a way, I kinda would like them to win the race, if only so that Mary can get some new teeth. Girl has a serious need for some new grillz. Ick!