Monday, October 23, 2006

My New Obsession!

My new TV obsession has got to be Heroes. This show is too cool! If you're not watching it, you need to! All kind of exciting twists in each episode. Tonight's was no different.

Future Hiro shows up to warn Peter to save the cheerleader. Future Hiro is cool! Speaking perfect English and in full samarai mode. He tells Peter to see painter Isaac to find out more. Sheesh Hiro, can you be more cryptic? How about "The cheerleader who lives at 123 Main Street needs to be saved from being killed by crazy shadow guy." Well, that would be too easy I suppose.

And that leaves Peter all confused (and CUTE!). But what's up with the bangs? His hairdresser must be crazy. Mohinder just thinks he's crazy.

And speaking of cutie Peter, his brother Nathan makes the escape from the horn rimmed glasses man (hey, isn't that Jack Coleman who played gay Steven on Dynasty?) And Nathan got away by flying! Awesome! And breaking the sound barrier no less! Click above for video.

Cop guy who can read minds, Matt, knows all about ordering steaks and ice cream to satisfy his wife, but goes crazy hearing everyone's thoughts. This storyline is a bit boring.

Back to Hiro. I love me some Hiro. He sees Nathan fly in to the diner he's at and knows he has special powers too. Best line of the episode. "Oh waffles, woo hoo!"

Well hello Nathan's chest! Funny how you can fly at the speed of sound but not have your flimsy pajamas fly off. It must have been that other superhero, Network Censor Man who kept them on.

Peter goes to see Isaac and finds an unfinished painting of the cheerleader. He then uses his apparent mimic power to obtain Isaac's power and finishes painting the pic. Nice white eyes. Pretty spooky looking, but still cute!

Niki, the mother with an alternate personality comes home from getting freaky with Nathan while she was Crazy Niki. Seems her mysterious ex-husband is back and sneaking around. Apparently he can walk through walls from watching next week's previews.

And finally, Hiro finally gets a hold of Peter over the phone. Peter is able to pass on Future Hiro's message to save the cheerleader.

And below is a video clip of upcoming episodes. Looks exciting. WAFFLES!!


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