Sunday, October 22, 2006

Amazing Race - Damn Hicks!

Amazing Race time again. Hicks almost got kicked off last week, but they are still here and will have to incur a 30 minute penalty if they don't come in first. And you would think they won't come in first, so we'll see if the 30 minutes will cost them the game. Besides, I'm sure their cows are missing them.

The teams get their first clue via a Nokia cell phone. Oh no! I'm having Treasure Hunters flashbacks with the dreaded "Motorola Message". If any of them utter the words "We got a Nokia Message", heads will roll!!

They are off to Kuwait. Hmm. (Insurgents + the Hicks = hilarity!) Peter and Sarah play the ol' leg card again. "Medical Emergency!" Sheesh! The beauty queens try to do a high five with the travel agent. He looks at her like she's crazy. Which she is!

Here's a shot of one of the Kuwait traffic controllers. Or at least I'm sure that's what the hicks thought.

The hicks look at the cell phone like it came from another planet. "I never had one of these in my life" Oh there's a shock!

They all have to choose between the Fast Forward or climbing up on a high tower. Cho brothers talk the others out of taking the fast forward so the hicks will be the only ones going for it. Dang! That means the hicks will come in first. But they're stupid enough to mess that up!

Oh, hold on. Tyler's muscles have distracted me. Now what was I saying?......

Once again, Sarah does the climbing task while Peter sits on the ground and watches. That's about all he's good for. They all easily complete the task

Hick Mary gets ready to walk toward a raging oil fire to get to the clue box. She hopes Steven Seagal would put her in a movie after that. Yeah, maybe "Beverly Hillbillies 2: Rotten Teeth Strikes Back"

Hicks finish in first place. Shoot! Another week of seeing their moronic t-shirts. Stupid Cho brothers, letting them win the leg! They need to go now!

The final task is either to fill heavy ass bags of camel food and carry it to somewhere or to have a camel race on a track with some crazy looking remote controlled robotic thing on the camel that swats it in the butt to get it to move. What the heck? I'd like to place one of those on Rob and Kimberly for evertime they say "Babe"! I like the way the robot is better dressed than the contestants!

Lyn and Karlyn and the druggies do the camel racing. The druggies finally find the race place and tell the camel that he sucks. Way to motivate him to run boys.

Peter and Sarah get lost following directions and end up being eliminated. They both say to Phil that the other sucks and they are SO OVER! Well Sarah, now you know how we all felt for the past 6 weeks!

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