Sunday, October 22, 2006

Take That! It's Back!

Take That was one of my favorite bands back in the mid 90's. They got pretty much no airplay over in the US except for their single Back For Good. But they were the biggest boy band of that time in the UK. I always thought Jason (bottom, middle) was dreamy. heh! They broke up in 1996 and did solo efforts. Robbie Williams (top, left) was by far the most successful. He's still huge in the UK, but has had little success in the US. In late 2005, the band decided to get back together; however, Robbie didn't take part. So the four remaining reformed and had a very successful tour in the UK. They are now releasing a new CD next month and have a new single out titled "Patience". I think it's pretty good. Standard Take That fare. They've always been known for their ballads, and this is another. But it's pretty catchy. Below is a video of them performing it a couple days ago in Germany. Coolz!


TINA said...

the million dollar question. Why they (robbie and take that) are not famous in USA?

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I just love them! Take That and Robbie.