Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amazing Race: I'm Rooting For The Alligators!

Another week of Amazing Race. Our least favorite gays Tom and Terry are gone. Yay! Let's see who's the new annoying duo. Possibly all of them?

Sarah says that she learned during the race that her boyfriend sucks. Oh really? You just catching on to that love? Hey Sarah, how about a return of the fake foot with toenail polish accessory? I miss it!!

Druggies say that they were used to being powerless to drugs, so they will be good at being powerless to the happenings of the race. That's nice and all, but I bet they'd give up that powerless feeling for a bump of coke right about now! Seeing the train tracks reminds them of when they shot up with drugs at the tracks. Sheesh, don't these people have any happy memories?

David and Mary said they want to win the million so they can put their kids on a plane and go to Disneyland. Nice way to aim high with your winnings hicks!

Erwin and Godwin use a fake cell phone and act like they are calling for tickets. Peter and trick leg see them and get cranky.

They all rush for tickets. Rob and Kimberly and Tyler & James get the flight that gets in sooner. The hicks cuss because their travel agent said there's no other flight that gets in sooner than theirs. Heh! Way to go Vietnamese! Lie to rednecks, they won't know any better! Everyone got out on a flight to the destination but David and Mary. They had to go standby and no seats were available. I bet they're cursing the airport, their cows, their goats, and umm, whatever else they have in Kentucky.

Why do I have a feeling that this isn't the first time Tyler & James have been in the above position? Hee!

Sarah and her robo leg wrestle with an alligator while Peter's crotch looks on. Sarah's leg seems to be doing ok today. Peter's still being a whining bitch. I think it's time for Sarah to put on her "baseball bat" leg accessory and whack him across the head!

I think Tyler & James are planning a bank robbery or something. What's with the handkerchiefs??

They next have to take a driving test in the crazy Chennai traffic. The instructor tells Peter that if he sees animals, children or women with fake legs in the road, he's supposed to honk the horn. And I love how those instructions aren't good enough. The instructor has to demonstrate how to honk a horn. Guess the producers must have told the instructor about David and Mary being a bit slow. The guy riding with Peter in the car tells Peter "Don't drive crazy!" Well, at least the guy got Peter's real name "Crazy" correct.

Peter & Sarah are first to reach the pitstop. They now have a leg up on the others. :)

Tyler & James do the painstaking rice task that takes forever. Why didn't they do the alligator? Oh wait, I know. Nobody wants to be wrangling a alligator during an acid trip!

The boys get done before David & Mary, who end up in last place. But it's non-elimination leg. Dang! And in a strange twist, they get to keep their money, but have to come in first place on the next leg or incur a 30 minute penalty. Poor hicks.

In a way, I kinda would like them to win the race, if only so that Mary can get some new teeth. Girl has a serious need for some new grillz. Ick!

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