Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another New TV Season...

Well, it's another new season of television. Here's the new shows which I've been checking out this fall season:

Heroes is probably my favorite new show of the season. Seven people start to find out that they have special powers such as teleportation, flying, invulnerability, hearing people's thoughts, seeing the future and a evil split personality or something of the sort. The Japanese guy who can teleport is my favorite character, and he's got the coolest power. But then there's Milo Ventimiglia (above) as one of the brothers who can fly. I'll be honest, he's what got me to watch in the first place, but the excellent story has kept me watching each week.

Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip is a behind-the-scenes look into a show that is supposed to be like Saturday Night Live. You can tell it's made by the same network as SNL seeing how many times they reference that show during their shows. This one took me a couple of episodes to get into, but the characters are developing nicely. Matthew Perry does a very good job as the lead role, with parts comedy and parts seriousness. Everything always seems to work out by the end of the episodes, but I see real potential in this show.

Vanished. Ok, I started watching this because Gale Harold from Queer as Folk was making his return to tv. Now I gotta say, this show is whack! I'm close to giving up on this one. The story revoles around a senator who's wife is kidnapped. And apparently, the plot of this kidnapping is the most ELABORATE plot in the WORLD! You would think they were planning to take over the world or something. But apparently, the kidnapping was to get the Senator to vote to elect some judge the bad guys wanted to be elected. This is so unbelievable and I'm waiting for a future episode to reveal that aliens are behind the kidnapping. It wouldn't be any more unbelievable than what's happened so far. Ugh.

The Class is a new CBS sitcom which seemed like an interesting show. It's a cute comedy. The characters are very likable and amusing. And Jason Ritter is adorable as the caring pediatrician. He does comedy well and I'm sure would make his father proud to carry on the tradition.

And I can't forget Ugly Betty. It's a television version of a story close to the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". But the telenovela that Ugly Betty is based on was made years before Prada was written. This show is campy and fun. It has you rooting for Betty. I love Vanessa Williams' role as the evil former boss of the magazine trying to get her job back. And Betty's sister is another great character. And Eric Mabius makes nice eye candy as Betty's boss. America Ferrera is so good in the role of Betty. You can't help but love her. Great show.

Overall, it's a good new season. Along with several returning favorites (which I'll go into soon), it makes for a week of great shows.

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Anonymous said...

Graham Kelton [Gale Harold] got killed on Vanished, so you can stop watching that one.