Monday, October 30, 2006

Heroes - Giving A Girl A Hand

Episode 6 of Heroes was tonight. Gotta see what Peter and Hiro are up to! And will Hiro ever get out of Las Vegas?

Peter tells Hiro that he came from the future to tell Peter to save the cheerleader, though he has no clue who she is or where she's at.

Isaac checks out the painting of the cheerleader with her brain cut out. I like how the painting is dripping red paint. Nice bloody touch there.

Hiro finds out he carries a sword in the future. He gets all He-Man..or is that She-Ra?

Hiro gets forced into a card game that turns deadly. He wasn't able to be the hero and save the people. Where's his sword when he needs it. I'll be glad to see Hiro use his powers for more than winning poker games. And whenever he uses his powers, it looks like he's having a rough bowel movement. Damn fiber! Maybe he needs more Waffles!

Mohinder gets ready to split town and give up. Eden sneaks a kiss. Seems she's in cahoots with Horned Rim Glasses guy. I knew that Eden was bad news.

Niki starts talking to her opposite half (ikiN?). Here's the dialogue. Ok, so this isn't the dialogue so much, but it should have been:

Niki: Why you trippin'? And how come you never make goofy faces in the mirror. Always the drama queen stare!
Ikin: I killed the bitches, so don't even get me started. If it wasn't for me, you'd never get laid!
Niki: Nice black roots, color your hair much?
Ikin: Bitch please, just get the money and get the boy outta here. I'll take care of the walking-through-walls hubby. Has he ever heard of using the door?
Niki: Well, maybe hubby can give me a hand.
Ikin: Oh he'll give you a hand, but you won't like it much.

Niki gets the stolen money she's been hiding but hubby catches her and prepares for some butt kicking. Oh, but here comes Ikin to save the day...

Or not...I always hate it when someone sticks their hand through my chest. Kinda ruins the romantic mood. Creepy! And a bit gross. Where's Nathan? Flying back to New York? By plane or is he giving his industrial strength pajamas another test flight? We'll see.

Oh, and the cheerleader storyline is boring. If they don't liven up her storyline, their new tagline will be "Forget the cheerleader, the bitch bores me...oh, but still save the world." Hmm, doesn't sound as catchy as the real tagline. We'll see next week!

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rubixcubeman said...

Mission 8: Unexpected Endings: Seek those who have met unexpected endings.( Based on the last episode 6)
Where the sixth sense or ESP fails, we find ourselves meeting unexpected endings. Deaths, trials and mishaps. So we see in the show that D.L. Hawkins has met a somewhat regular and believable fate even for a super or anti-hero. That someone so close should betray is not all that uncommon. Even worse, the idea is not uncommon at all. We see thatcheating can lead to unexpected consequence at least in the comic tv realm. For Hiro, it must be difficult to come to terms with that despite his power to stop time; he is not immune to unexpected endings. There's always a wrench in the puzzle, something that holds us back; something that blinds us... More on the blog..