Sunday, October 01, 2006

Degrassi: The Next Generation, Season 6 Premiere

Degrassi: The Next Generation made its 6th season premiere Friday. Hello teen drama-o-rama! The got new cool opening credits and they finally ditched the goofy lyrics and stuck with just the theme music.

It's college time for Marco, Paige, Dylan, and Ellie. Settling into dorm life. I'm glad they didn't just drop them from the show then they left for college. The show needs it's fill of bitchness that only Paige can supply. And poor ol' gay Marco. Trying to settle into living with his new boyfriend Dylan.

Yo Dylan. Haircut ever? That curly mane is out of control! But he's still cute! Ellie has new roommate drama in the dorm and after she writes a scathing newspaper article on dorm life and her crazy roommate, she gets thrown out of the dorm and moves in with Marco and Dylan. Paige prepares to leave town to go to an out of town college.

Back at Degrassi High, Emma and Peter are still dating. Peter helped Emma get through her anorexia drama from last year. Oh, but look who's back in town going to Degrassi again...

It's her ex Sean and his muscles. Gotta love the wife beater shirt. Sean wants Emma back, but will Emma give in and cheat on her boyfriend?

Duh! This is Degrassi. Bring on the drama!

Pool ol' Peter gets jealous of Sean and tries to emulate him. He dons his own wifebeater and works those toothpick arms! HEH! Nice try Peter. To quote Sean from an old episode, "You're about as edgy and a butterknife." He tries to get Sean to hang with him, but Sean wants no part of it and blows him off.

Emma tells Peter she wants time apart so she can date someone who can fill a wifebeater properly. Well, that's not the reason she gave, but that's what she was thinking.

Poor Peter, being shunned by both Sean and Emma. He seeks revenge by using his mother, the Prinicipal's access to plant drugs in Sean's locker and passes on an anonymous tip to his mom, who finds the drugs. Oops. Poor Sean, he'll never escape his bad boy image.

Sean decides not to seek revenge by beating Peter (or would that be snapping the toothpics). Instead he challenges him to a car race. Sean figures his souped up car would beat Peter.

But of course, Sean's car goes out of control and mows over a jogger. Since Sean's over 18, he takes off, figuring Peter won't get in as much trouble since he's underage. The cops arrest Peter but now Sean's a wanted man. (I want him at least!)

Emma finds out about the incident and then finds Sean hiding in her bedroom. She tells him she doesn't want anything to do with him and that he needs to turn himself in to the police. Which he does.

Guess we'll be getting the half college and half high school scenes each episode. It barely showed Spinner and his religious girlfriend Darcy this episode, but it looks like she's going to be ho'ing it up soon. We'll see. Tune in on The N network, Fridays at 8pm EST.


denise said...

sean is one of the cute

Jessica said...

I hope emma tells sean that she in love with him. and i think he is very hot two Jessica Mckay

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