Thursday, January 25, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - 2 For 1 Sale On Resurrections!

Battlestar is back from winter break to continue the cliffhanger. Will Apollo get his ass kicked? Will Starbuck die? Will Baltar have more orgies? We'll see.

Deanna recalls all Cylon raiders but lets one go to the planet. Other Cylons are pissed. This stops Adama from launching the nukes.

Apollo tells Dualla to rescue Starbuck. Dualla is pissed that she has to rescue her husband's "mistress".

Athena decides she can rescue her daughter by being killed and being resurrected on the Cylon ship. Helo agrees and shoots her, getting Boomer blood all over the walls! Cleaning crew are gonna cuss you out! But it was cool. Didn't see that coming.

Roslyn and Adama talk to Helo about his wacky shooting. Roslyn basically says "Bitch please! You best hope your Radio Shack ho' don't play us!"

Newly resurrected Athena gets to see her nappy baby. She says she has to take it back to Galactica to save the baby's life. Six decides to help her escape the Cylon base.

The nearby sun goes supernova. Tyrol says that the supernova is the Eye of Jupiter. Either that or Sauron is paying a visit.

Deanna apparently sees the final five. What? Is she watching college basketball or something? No, these final five are the final unknown Cylon models. Seems she recognizes one as someone we must know.

Chief finds Baltar and knocks him out with his gun. Guess Baltar will have to wait to know if he's a Cylon.

Seems Starbuck has been drawing ancient designs like the ones in the cave since she was a kid. Could she be the "chosen one"? Or maybe she's making a sassy new eye patch for Tigh.

Looks like Cylon Automotive Inc. decided to do a recall on the Deanna line. They found the line too sexy and prone to burst out in threesomes without warning. She's been deemed flawed. No more Xenas. Poof!

Whoa, did the previews for next week just show Baltar being resurrected? So he's a Cylon? That seems like a rather revealing trailer if so. We'll see next week.

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