Monday, November 06, 2006

Heroes - Hello Telephone Repair Man!

Episode 7 of Heroes was tonight. Let's hope for some flying! And maybe more waffles!

Peter dreams that he tells Simone's father that he can fly. And finds out the guy croaked when he wakes up.

Claire's brother finds the video of her death defying injuries and how she survives them all. So he decides to staple her with a staple gun and sees her injury disappear. Sheesh, nice brother there.

DL and Micah come across a car on fire in the road. He stops to help and who's right behind him but Hiro. Wonder twin powers activate! DL reaches his hand through the car window to open the door, and Hiro stops time to move them out of the way of the car blast. Extra cool!

Hiro explains how he's in the a future issue of a comic book. It's cute. See below video.

Cop Matt and his boss go to a house looking for Sylar and find a house where everything is burnt and full of radiation. Sounds like my apartment.

They then go to the hospital and meet "Radiation Guy". He touches things and causes ratiation burns when he's upset. Including the nurse's arm. Ouch!

Wait. So little Micah is "Super Telephone Repair Man"? He touches an out of order pay phone and it starts working. Maybe he can help me get my broken DVD player working. Yo Micah, help a brotha out!

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