Sunday, November 19, 2006

Amazing Race - Welcome to Mustache Island!

Amazing Race time. We pick up where we left off, in Finland with the druggies cussing that the leg isn't over yet. Yeah, we were cussing too.

Teams now have to go to the current site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, which is in Ukraine. The druggies are worried they might get a third eye if they go there because of the nuclear fallout. But they figure it might give them a drug high, so they are so in!

Erwin decides to hit his head into the tower. Talk about bumping ugly! Everyone bunches up again at the airport. Those in the lead are pissed.

The teams have to drive a tank. Tyler says James drives like a girl. Dustin works her woman driver skills and passes James.

James then gets a mud bath. The only good thing that came out of that is...shirtless James! Woo hoo!

Rob calls Kimberly a super human creature from outer space. And he must be the outer space nagging creature who only knows one Earth word..."babe"!

Lyn said she avoided getting muddy because she scooted up and looked like blue haired lady on a Sunday drive. Is Rob wearing a fanny pack in the pic above or do busted up, old as hell cars turn him on?? each his own.

The teams have to look for an apartment number 33 and get a clue from a butt ugly woman. The models wonder why they must keep associating with ugly people. That woman needs some of Tyler's face cream STAT!

Next task is to "make music" or "find music". Then James and Tyler realize that they can make beautiful music together after the race so they choose to find the music.

Whoa! But first it's time for Find the Hot Body! I like that task better!

Dustin and Kandyce make music. They are rapping fools! They got street cred y'all! I would have loved to see white boys James and Tyler rap! Oh wait! I would have LOVED to see the hicks do that! HEH!

Sing along everyone! "Yo, my name is teeth are scary...I went around the world with Asians and fairies."

James and Tyler make it to the pitstop first. Tyler says that there's nothing that feels better than being back on top again. Sheesh, can't they wait till they get back to their room for that kinda talk?

I think Phil is jealous of local guy's mustache. I think that's the look Phil has been missing.

Oh yeah! That's what he needed!

Thanks to being pulled over by the police, the Cho brothers end up last and are eliminated. They are proud to have played the race fair and looked after other teams. Yeah, that's nice and all, but did they think they would win that way? Well, another week with Rob and Kimberly still here. Here's to hoping next week is their last!

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