Sunday, November 12, 2006

Amazing Race - Welcome...You've Got Yell...

Amazing Race time. Hicks are gone. Who's the next annoying team to go? Let's hope for Rob and Kimberly!

They start off in Madagascar and heading to Finland. The beauty queens are first to go.

Tyler says he gets on James' case a lot but that it comes from a loving place. Oh please, you two get a room already! At least he's not on his back. Oh wait...that's still to come...

Lyn and Karlyn are upset because the beauly queens get farther by good looks and by having their boobs and arms hanging out. Arms hanging out? Where do they want them to put their arms? In a cast?? And yes Alabama girls, your uglyness won't get you as far, so sorry.

You Got Product Placement! Time for AOL to make a plug. They all have to log into AOL and be greeted by George Bush on the homepage. Now there's a roadblock if I ever saw one. They all get to watch videos from their families. Aww...whateva...

Tyler gets in his moisturizer time, cause a girl's gotta be soft and supple when traveling by train. He says he likes his face and wants to keep it (as opposed to leaving it behind on the train?). He's probably wondering why ugly people like David and Mary have to exist in his beautiful world. Damn hicks!

James gives Tyler an evil glance because Tyler's monopolizing all the moisturizer. Lemme tell ya, models will scratch out each others' eyes for the last of the skin care products. Just watch America's Next Top Model. Tyler better watch out!

Time to wallow in the mud like a pig. The druggies choose to run through a mud obstacle course. But they decide it would be easier for James to mount Tyler and ride him like a horse, complete with an ass slapping "Giddyup!". They're just making it too easy for me! They then switch mounting positions cause the boys are versatile ya know.

The others follow and head for the train station. The druggies and beauty queens are neck and neck and are the only ones to get on the first train. Rob and Kimberly watch while their train leaves without them. That face says it all. heh! Bet if they weren't bickering so much they would've been on time.

It's off to the mine. They have to find a limestone rock and hammer it open to find the next clue. The druggies are first to find it and use the unfortunate phrase "It's hammer time" Oi

On to the Olympic Statdium to repel down a tower. Tyler and James are first and find that it's not the end of the leg. Damn! Next week will be the second half. Another week to see if Rob and Kimberlys' butts get kicked off already.

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