Monday, November 27, 2006

Heroes - Screw The Wife, I Gotta Fly!

Episode 10 of Heroes tonight and we're going back in time!

We see Sylar six months ago, who apparently was a watch lovin geek. Mohinder's father Chandra shows up to bring out the freak in him. Nice geek hair Sylar. What would Tori Spelling think of that do' and that drab outfit! Not pleased I'd say!

Eve is all sassy and drunk in a stolen car. She gets pulled over by cop Matt. Eve works her "These aren't the droids you're looking for" power and gave a suggestion of donut lovin into Matt's head and next thing you know, Dunkin Donuts, here I come! Although if Eve had a sense of humor, she'd make him crave something like worms or such.

Hiro realizes he sucks at precise time traveling and tries to get back to current time. He calls Ando in Japan, but instead Past Hiro answers. Whoa! Hiro is talking to himself! He freaks out over some possible paradox and hangs up.

So Jessica is actually Niki's dead twin sister. And Niki hadn't gone all crazy badass yet.

Poor Nathan and wife get their car rammed by gangters. But Nathan doesn't have time to react, he's too busy flying off and leaving his wife to crash in the car. Peter has a dream about it at the same time.

Hiro talks Charlie into going with him to Japan by making 1000 paper origami cranes appear instantly. Guess he froze time and then made 1000 paper origami's on the spot. Talk about a boring waste of frozen time!

Hiro finds out Charlie is dying and that she loves him. But just as he goes in for the kiss, he teleports to Japan, apparently at current time and he's unable to teleport again and can't change history. Either that, or he's passing a pretty fierce kidney stone.

Looks like Sylar kills people to get their powers. Not sure how he does that or if he has a power of his own to steal powers from dead people. Dunno. He gets his fake name Sylar from a name brand of a watch he quickly glances at. How lame. Good thing he didn't glance at the water cooler instead, or else his name would be Zephyrhills. He needs something sassy like the Clock King. Oh wait, Batman already used that one.

One more episode before the break until next year. Someone dies, and I'm afraid of who I think it will be. Grrr.

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