Monday, November 13, 2006

Heroes - One Dead Waitress, and a Coffee...To Go!

Episode 8 of Heroes tonight. No Peter this episode. Boo!!

Hiro and Ando eat at a diner with "know-it-all gal" waitress. Where's the waffles bitch! But they are being watched by "telekinesis guy". That's one freaky diner!

Hiro learns he's sweet. See video below.

Matt the cop interrogates "radiation man" who gets upset and starts going radioactive on them. Or maybe he's just having some Alka Seltzer. Well, radiation can give you a headache I'm sure! Matt discovers that both of them have the same markings on their necks. Damn kids and their tattoos!

Hmm. Seems like "telekinesis guy" magically killed "know-it-all gal". Could he be Sylar? Guess Hiro won't be getting lucky afterall. Hiro decides to go back in time to save "know-it-all gal".

HRG asks Isaac to finish the painting to save Claire. Seems Sylar is supposed to kill her tomorrow at her Homecoming game. Go Team! Eve uses her umm.."whispering hypnotizing power" to calm Isaac. Boy, these powers are getting more and more cryptic.

Next week is when they are supposed to save the cheerleader. Let's hope wonder twins activate and do it. We shall see.

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