Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kyle XY

Yesterday was another new episode of Kyle XY on ABC Family channel. This show is very intriguing. Trying to figure out who Kyle is (Matt Dallas, left). Is he an alien, a genetically engineered boy, or just a hot guy? Hmm. I'll go for the last choice! I would guess the character is some genetically perfect person who was set loose in a regular town to help condition (program) it on how to act like a regular person.

Also on the show is Chris Olivero as Declan. He plays the sometimes-boyfriend of the daughter of the house Kyle stays at. I have a feeling his character is more shady than it appears.

Then there's Krycek. Well, he was Krycek in X-Files. Nicholas Lea plays the Mystery Man who is secretly watching Kyle. He has hidden cameras in the house secretly watching Kyle in his bedroom. That's perv-o-licious! hmm...I wonder if I can get his video feed on satellite...but I digress...

This week, Kyle learns to play basketball and used his genetically engineered skills to master it and becomes the star of the local basketball team. He sure knew how to handle his balls...um...on the court. While the show has a lot of intriguing plot lines, it IS ABC Family channel, so that means a lot of feel-good lessons are learned each episode. DULL! I wanna see the episode where Kyle watches Pretty Woman on TV and decides to become a male prostitute for the week and ho' it up around town, with girls, guys, whateva! Well, I don't see ABC Family greenlighting that idea. But if they did, they could still end it with a feel-good lesson learned. I can hear the mother now..."Kyle, bitch you gonna be turning tricks in my house, you better be charging at least $500 per hour. We gotta pay this damn mortgage you know, you stank ho!". Whoa, I just turned the mother into his pimp. Now there's a plot twist! I'll have to send that idea off to ABC Family...

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