Thursday, August 24, 2006

Superheroes on CRACK!

I thought I'd check in with Who Wants to Be a Superhero to see if it's still as looney as last time. Well, it sure is! And after reading this review, I think the producers of this show are on crack! Our superheroes have battled attack dogs, made dangerous rooftop rescues. So what's up next for them? The dangerous and courageous task of...umm...fighting germs!

Ok, the toilet's clean, what's up next and will it be as challenging? Well, it's going to a class of 10 year olds. Ick! That's a scary one! The three superheroes have to speak to the class and explain why they are the best superhero.

Feedback tells how he got his powers from playing video games. Hmm. There's a good lesson for the kids. Play more video games, become a superhero. Oh, and one kid asks what his favorite video game is and he answers, Pong! Yeah, that's right, PONG! Idiot!

Fat Momma starts off with a stupid rap. Come on, sing along, "Fat Momma, Fat Momma, I'm here to save the day. Fat Momma, Fat Momma, I'll take your food away. So don't eat those chips and ice cream now, cause I'll take them from you so you don't look like a cow!" Whoa! I feel a Grammy in her future!

Major Victory speaks next. He shows his ability to manipulate sound by singing and hitting a BAD note. Hey, that means Britney Spears must also be a superhero.

The kids vote and select Fat Momma as their favorite. Of course they did! Those poor kids were scared to death she'd take away their lunches! The losers have to write "I will not pretend to be a superhero." 100 times on the chalkboard.

Are you still following this? I think I got lost (or bored) two paragraphs ago.

Let's see, next challenge has the three superheroes having to find the arch villian Dark Enforcer somewhere in Universal Studios Themepark in Hollywood.

Look for a woman with a tattoo on her leg with lotion in her hand and basically look up her dress to read a note on her leg. The note says to look for a guy who's over 200 pounds and rub lotion on his belly.

Fat Momma is too busy bumming free french fries from people and getting a massage to look for clues.

Major Victory finds the lady with the lotion and then finds the fat guy and rubs on the lotion. It reveals a message that says to look for a lady with a big purse and look in it for money and count it. It then tells him to run to the big Universal Globe. He does and is first done. Feedback is next to finish the exciting tasks. Meanwhile, Fat Momma is still bumming food off people. She finally finishes in third place.

OK, I gotta take a time out from this madness to ask if I'm the only one creeped out by the Fudgem character from the new Dominos commercial? You will NOT catch me ordering that crap!

Ok, back to the show and it seems Fat Momma wants to leave the show. Perhaps because she's making a fool out of herself in that Donut costume? No, it's because she doesn't want the other two contestants to get hurt if they are eliminated. Sheesh!! I hope Fat Momma never goes on Big Brother! She wouldn't last 5 minutes! The others convice her to stay and say how they will always love each other. Yeah right. Fat Momma won't want those goofy crackers anywhere near her after the show.

It's elimination time. And it's Major Victory going home. Seems he was too busy worrying about his hair and didn't explain his history to the kids. I gotta disagree. I girl's gotta make sure her hair is kickin' before anything else! Well, it's down to Fat Momma and Feedback. And I guess I care...don't I? Oh heck. Where's the remote...

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