Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Performance finale tonight! Woo hoo! Awesome night! I can't believe this is the last performance show. Oh, where to begin. Lets see, first up was Travis and Heidi doing disco. They were shakin their groove thing alright! All the judges loved them. They praised Heidi for mastering that style of disco and Travis for making all those powerful lifts with ease.

Next we got Benji and Donyelle doing the Vienese Waltz. They looked pretty good. However, all the judges hated it. They said their dance style was bad and not worthy of being on the finale. Ouch. I guess I don't know ballroom well enough to have caught all those errors.

I'll pass over the movie premiere segment. Another shameless promotional plug. Next dance was TRANJI!! Travis and Benji. Oh boy. My video capture device will be smoking after this. Let's go! Out come the geeks. Nice tape on their glasses. Then they got all freaky! Hell yeah!! They got screams from two judges.

Whoa...ok, now where was I...oh yeah, there were other dances. Next up was Travis' solo. And he's still bendy!

Next up was Heidi and Donyelle doing Broadway and wearing some big ass white eyelashes. What were they thinking! Nigel didn't think they captured the spirit of the dance piece. They need to capture some tweezers and pull out those eyelashes!

Up next we got a contemporary number with Travis and Donyelle to Georgia On My Mind with them dressed like some hicks with a piece of straw in Travis' mouth through the whole thing. Should've know this one was choreographed by Mia. But it was real good! Check out Donyelle's pigtails! LOL!

Next up was Benji and Heidi doing salsa. This is similar to their normal dance styles, so it was great like it always is when these two dance together.

Finally, was the pop group number choreographed by Wade Robson with them all playing models on the runway. Another cool one. The judges said Travis stole the spotlight!!

Arrrgh! I gotta go until next week for the results. I'm guessing Benji has this all wrapped up, but we'll see. I'm off to vote for Travis!

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