Monday, August 14, 2006

Sizing up Big Brother

Taking a look at the remaining Big Brother 7 contestants...Janelle - She's a bit of a skank, but she's fun to root for. And she had a fuzzy pink Head of Household bedroom. Gotta love it!

Danielle - She's starting to show some strategy in her decisions. She's aligning herself with the right people to stay in the game. Girlfriend spent a night last week in solitary confinement as part of the veto competition. She's tough! But she got rid of Kaysar. EVIL woman!

James - he's doing the same thing as last season, playing both sides. He didn't get too far doing it last year, and probably won't this year. And he wanted Kaysar and his sexy shaved head out. BOO!

Marcellas - He's his usual sassy, queeny self. Everyone's gunning for him now, so he won't last long. He's too emotional (i.e. DRAMA QUEEN) and it gets him into trouble.

Erika - Who??? nuff said...

Howie - Ick! He's just gross. All he does is eat and flirt. Which normally are two pretty fun things. But not when you look like him! And don't get me started on the Jack Shack. (If you don't watch the live feeds, it's the box in their backyard where some self-gratification...)

Kaysar - Even though he's already been evicted, he still gets a special mention because of his sexy shaved-head self! Why did he have to go!!

Chicken George - um...why?

Mike Boogie - I still can't get past him being called Boogie. What, isn't he about 40?? He's just a puppet for Will. He thinks he's in control, but he really isn't. Plus he has a frequent stay pass for the Jack Shack.

That leaves Will. I love that Will doesn't really care whether he wins or not. And yet he has the best strategy of anyone in the house. He's the only contestant who's a previous winner, and yet nobody wants to vote him out. He really deserves to win again this year. And the way these idiotic contestants are acting, they just may let him. Oh, but one suggestion dear Will....Get A Haircut Already!!

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