Tuesday, August 29, 2006

BB7: Beware, Drunk Girl Walking!

OMG! Awesome Big Brother episode tonight! It was unbelievable. Will talked Erika into nominating Danielle to replace Janelle (who won POV)!! Wow! I don't think there's anything the good doctor couldn't talk someone into doing. But the best moment of the episode was when Drunk Danielle went ballistic after hearing she would be nominated. Girlfriend just lost it! Cussed out Erika, then went upstairs to do some more cussing but everyone in the HOH room hid and stayed quiet while Danielle rang the doorbell for 15 mintes! Poor thing went psycho! Hee!

Here's a clip of Danielle going ballistic on Erika

Here's Danielle ringing and ringing and ringing the HOH doorbell. HEH!

As Sweetgirlfl posted on YouTube, "Priceless!! Maybe now Danielle will know how it feels to be back-doored by a friend. As Danielle said when she back-doored her friend Kaysar "it's just a game". Well, all i can say is karma is a bitch!!"

Danielle may try to push Will out the BB door, but no such luck. My boy is in for the long haul! So it seems like Danielle will go Thursday, but it's supposed to be a suprise double eviction. Who will the other evictee be?? (Hello Chicken George) Just as long a Will stays. Otherwise, the show will be one snoozer for the rest of the season. What would be the point in watching then?

Hang in there Will!

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