Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Oh Brother!

Big Brother this season is turning into the Will Show. They might as well just give him the prize. He sure knows how to work these people. My girl Janey did her drama crying act, which of course was just an act. My favorite part of it was when she was in mid cry session and had to go with the others to see the HOH room. They ask if she thinks she can come with them. She sobs "Bring me my Chanel sunglasses and I can". DIVA! And how I loved the brawl with James over the doll during the veto challenge! James says "I am harmed!" and called her a cheater. ugh. She should have elbowed him in the stomach too! I love Will's response to the supposed "cheating" incident. He said "To me it looked like James got his butt kicked"

Now I am not too sure on Will's plan of keeping Janelle around to be the "big target" in the house. I think they slightly underestimate her. If she wins HOH, I can see her putting him and Mike up and using her new pawn Chicken George to support her. But we'll see.

Hello Will's chest! Oh, and nice lipo marks!

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Anonymous said...

For a rich boy. Mike boogie sure wears a cheesy sleazy cheap toupee. That or at least his mommy did not teach him how to put it on!
Wow! What an achievement in life....a sociopathic rug wearing doofus!