Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cryptic Bricks and Explosive Diarrhea!

How's that for a combo? I watched the DVD of the movie Brick over at Todd's house last night. Hmm. It had an interesting story. Kind of hard to follow at times. I've never seen so much drama at a high school in my life. Good grief! Murders, drugs, and knife attacks, oh my! How about relocating to another school already! I read one review refer to is as this year's Donnie Darko. Well, I can see that. Donnie Darko sure screwed up my head trying to keep up with the plot. But there's no six foot rabbit in Brick, just a Dode, a Tugger, a Pin, and a Brain (no, not Pinky and the Brain). Where did they get the names for these characters??

Joseph Gordon-Levitt had a good performance in this movie. He seems to be the new Indie boy these days with all these dark indie movies he's in (i.e. Mysterious Skin). His characters seem to always be getting beat up or raped, or some other serious drama goin on. He's drawn to the complicated dark characters. Guess we won't be seeing him in Wedding Crashers 2 anytime soon.

This movie reminded me and Todd of that old 70's movie Bugsy Malone starring Jodie Foster and Scott Baio. Except without the pie-shooting guns that killed. That must have been some toxic cream filling!

We also watched some gay-themed movie called Adam & Steve. I didn't really get this bit of fluff too much. Any movie that starts off with explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting can't be a good thing. And why do 40-ish writer/directors insist on playing lead roles? And when his character was flashing back to when he was 21, he was still playing himself back then. That is one OLD looking 21 year old. I suppose the movie is harmless fluff to entertain you on a boring evening. Parker Posey kind of helps to save it as she always does, but it would have to be a REAL boring evening for me to recommend this to someone.


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