Thursday, August 03, 2006

SYTYCD - Results - 8/3

What a cool opening routine to a song by Imogene Heap. This was one of my favorites. They got all goth looking with their names in big letters on their clothes. case they forget their names??

Why, hello boys...

Travis did his solo and got nothing but praise from the judges. Nigel says if they were looking for the best technical dancer, he would win easily. Mia said that it would be a priviledge for her to hire him and work with him for the rest of her career. Hell yeah!

After Benji's solo, Mia says he had a lot of limitations when she worked with him but that he is a star. Nigel says if they were looking for the best performing dancer, he would be the winner.

Final three girls. Heidi and Donyelle move on to the finals. Natalie goes home. I loved Natalie and hate to see her go. Sorry Donyelle, but you really shouldn't still be here, but you got that Benji vote still working for you.

Final three guys. You can see Travis sweating.

They announce Travis is safe!! WOOT! I just love Ivan's look he gives Travis when the announcement is made. He knows he's screwed. Sure enough, Ivan goes home. Sorry dear. There's always the roller disco on ice tour.

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