Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance - Benji and Travis

Wow, what a great dance Benji and Heidi had tonight! And the crowd loved him too. I don't see how he can't make it to the final two. I voted a couple times for him.

My bendy Travvy didn't get good comments from the judges tonight, but they're in their usual drunken stupors anyway. I think he did good. And yes, I voted for him about 20 times. Come on Trav! Stay in there!

Here's Travis and Donyelle getting their mime on. The judges said it was lacking because it hid their faces. Hell yeah! Don't be hidin' Travvy's face you fool! It was a bit creepy.

Ryan and Ivan...boring...whateva! Oh, and there were some girls in there too. And their performances were...oh I'm bored...let's look at Travis again instead!!!!

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