Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cuteness Role Call

Some new shows I've been watching. There's a theme here that you may notice...

Matt Dallas from Kyle XY. His character doesn't remember who he is and acks like a child. A CUTE child! He learned to masturbate in the last episode. Alright ABC Family channel. Do your part to educate the masses!

This is James Roday from Psych. His character has a photographic memory, but he pretends to be a psychic to pay the bills. I'd sure sure seek him out for his predictions. He's like Miss Cleo...but not so female..and not so black...and not so ugly. Hmm...he's nothing like Miss Cleo, forget that.

Tom Swire plays Seb on Footballers Wive$. This show is my big guilty pleasure! It's like a mix of Melrose Place and Dynasty. Over the top storylines as you would expect from a nighttime soap. And full of cute guys playing with balls!

And of course, from So You Think You Can Dance...


And Travis!

Oh, you watch TV shows for the insightful storylines? Bah! Whateva!


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