Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Super Fly!

Finally saw Superman Returns. Loved it! Great special effects, great character plots. Lots of wigs, campy Parker Posey, and a bit of cannibalism. All essential elements of a good movie! And emo Superman. Who knew. Supes got all sensitive and Brandon Routh was dreamy!

Now I love Parker Posey as Kitty Kowalski, but I think she's wearing one of Lex Luthor's wigs in this pic. Control that mane girl!

James Marsden was his usual cute self. His character was pretty likable, but dude, you can't compete with Superman. Especially Super Emo-Man! Hasn't he been in like every comic-inspired movie this year?

Kevin Spacey was extra campy as Lex Luthor. But then you have to be to play that role. And I'm sure Kevin loved working with Brandon!

Even the ghost of Marlon Brando made a special guest star appearance. Although, he was probably just looking for the buffet table...

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