Thursday, July 20, 2006

Queen Me Up Scotty!

One of my new favorite TV shows is not even on TV, it's on the Internet. Star Trek: Hidden Frontier - Its a Star Trek inspired series made by fans. They don't take endorsements, donations, or anything. The production is funded entirely by the the people making it. It has suprisingly great digital effects during the space and ship scenes. The actors film it in front of a green screen so that the "Star Trekish" background can be inserted digitally. It works pretty well, only a small green glowing effect is noticed occasionally, but you get used to it. The acting is good, at least compared to the first season, which I watch when I'm drunk for a good laugh. The main difference in this production from the official Star Trek series and other fan series is that it has some characters who are gay! The storylines are handled very well. Two of the gay characters are below:

Adam Browne plays the trill Lt. Jorian Zen. He's a cutie and turning into a very good actor too. He also has directed some episodes and assists with the makeup and wardrobe.

J.T. Tepnapa plays Lt. Corey Aster. He also directs, produces, casts, and other functions on the show. Jaytee also runs his own production company, Blue Seraph ( They make gay-related short films that are very cute (as is he!) His latest, Begging For Change is making the run at film festivals across the country.

I encourage you to check them out. They are currently filming their last season now, but there's plenty of previous seasons to keep you busy watching.

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