Saturday, December 23, 2006

Take a Ride on the Shortbus!

I saw the movie Shortbus a couple days ago. Yes, that's the movie with the "real sex scenes" that's been causing all kinds of controversy. Well, after watching it, I gotta say that I really liked the movie. Yes, it has "those" scenes in it, especially the opening scene, but they are presented in a way that really works with the story and shows sex as it really is (awkward and goofy at times), and helps you understand the characters better. The actual story is touching and makes you at times wish there was a Shortbus of your own so you could escape the craziness of everyday life, if only for a short time. For those who are more open to things, I strongly recommend seeing this in a theater (if you can find one) or when it's released on DVD next March. Their official website is at They also have an excellent soundtrack for the movie which you can get at or iTunes. One of the stars of the film, Jay Brannan has an acoustic song on there that is very good. I also really like the song "Boys of Melody". Sample them at iTunes. Here's some pics below:

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Anonymous said...

me encanto esta pelicula como siempre los newyorkinos mostrando lo cotidiano y ke pasa con el sexo, es muy divdertido, vergonzoso, y situaciones muy comunes, yo soy colombiano me gusto mucho esta pelicula, porque que los desnudos son con una intencion, en fin mis respeto para los encargado de realizar este film.